Sunday, August 7, 2011

Haggatha - Haggatha LP (2010)

2010, Killbomb

1. Circle of Salt

2. Hog Tied

3. These Grey Days

4. Eremozoic

5. Gulag

6. Acquiesce

7. An Old Way Begins Again

From Vancouver, Canada, Haggatha's first LP offers a truly heavy landscape of slow, downtuned riffs. After being blown away by their live performance and previously released seven inch, I had to hear this full length. Truly a band that deserves some attention. Order the LP if you like this!


Cianide - Gods of Death (2011)

2011, Hell's Headbangers

1. Desecration Storm

2. Forsaken Doom

3. Rising of the Beast

4. Dead and Rotting

5. Idolator

6. Terrorstrikes

7. The One True Death

8. Contained and Controlled

The heaviest band out of Chicago returns with their sixth LP, "Gods of Death". You should know what to expect - Venom/Celtic Frost inspired death metal at its finest.