Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Flag - My War

1984, SST Records

1. My War (3:46)
2. Can't Decide (5:22)
3. Beat My Head Against The Wall (2:34)
4. I Love You (3:27)
5. Forever Time 2:31)
6. The Swinging Man (3:05)
7. Nothing Left Inside (6:45)
8. Three Nights (6:03)
9. Scream (6:52)

Black Flag was an American punk rock band formed in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, California. The band was established largely as the brainchild of Greg Ginn: the guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple personnel changes. They are widely considered to be one of the first hardcore punk bands. The band was known for the intense and evocative lyrics found in their songs, most of which were penned by Ginn. Like other punk bands of this era, Black Flag gave voice to an anti-authoritarian, non-conformist message, featuring songs punctuated with descriptions of isolation, neurosis, poverty, and paranoia, themes that would be explored further when Henry Rollins joined the group as lead singer in 1981. Most of the band's material was released on Ginn's independent label, SST Records.

Black Flag was—and remains—well respected among their underground culture, with their influence primarily in their tireless promotion of a self-controlled DIY ethic and aesthetic. They are often regarded as pioneers in the movement of underground do-it-yourself record labels that flourished among the 1980s punk rock bands. Through seemingly constant touring throughout the United States and Canada, and occasionally Europe, Black Flag established an extremely dedicated fan base. Many other musicians would follow Black Flag's lead and book their own tours, utilizing a word-of-mouth network.

My War is the second full length album by Black Flag and was released after a long period where the band could not release any albums due to a legal dispute with Unicorn Records. The first six songs on the a-side of My War are similar to the material on 1981's Damaged, but the three songs on the b-side proved that Black Flag was moving away from the band's early, fast-paced material. The b-side songs are played at about half the pace of the band's earlier material, each clocking in at over six minutes, and display a doomy, ominous sound indebted to Black Sabbath. My War is generally cited as being a major influence on many bands in the sludge metal and grunge genres. Two of the songs featured on the album are solely written by Chuck Dukowski (My War, I Love You) though he was no longer a member of the band by this point and does not perform on the album.



Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof

2004, Southern Lord Records

1. Portraits of Pain (7:01)
2. Black Cat Bone (2:53)
3. Juniors Jam (9:05)
4. Burial at Sea (Saint Vitus Cover) (8:42)
5. Hot Rod (Black Oak Arkansas Cover) (3:20)

Trampled Under Hoof is the final release from American doom metal band Goatsnake. It was released in 2004 by Southern Lord Records. The name is a reference to the Led Zeppelin song "Trampled Under Foot." The album contains two covers: Saint Vitus's "Burial at Sea" and Black Oak Arkansas's "Hot Rod."



Wolves In The Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars

2006, Southern Lord Records

1. Queen of the Borrowed Light (12:58)
2. Face In A Night Time Mirror Part 1 (13:21)
3. Face In A Night Time Mirror Part 2 (13:58)
4. (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars (20:22)

Wolves in the Throne Room is an American ambient black metal band based in Olympia, Washington. Their sound is influenced by Scandinavian black metal, doom metal, dark ambient, crust punk, and folk music. The band has described their sound as “purifying black metal” or “transformative black metal”, although in interviews the band has shown an unwillingness to be restricted by any musical label.

The band was formed during April 2003 when brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver bought an old farmstead called Calliope, which had previously been rented by students of the nearby Evergreen State College, on the outskirts of Olympia, WA. In mid 2004, guitarist-vocalist Nick Paul joined the band and the group recorded the 2004 Demo but left the band amicably later that year. The addition of vocalist and guitarist Richard Dahlen solidified the band’s line-up and went on to record the 2005 Demo, and the Diadem of 12 Stars and Two Hunters albums.

The band is well known for their eco-spiritual and eco-anarchist vision, which they consider to be a step beyond the vision offered by satanic, fascistic and nihilistic black metal. They often state that traditional black metal should be seen as a jumping-off point in a process of continual spiritual growth, and not an end unto itself. Aaron and his wife farm the land at Calliope, the band’s stronghold. Aaron has also often expressed interest in biodynamic agriculture and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

Diadem of 12 Stars is the debut album of Wolves in the Throne Room. It was this recording that caught the attention of Southern Lord Records, who subsequently signed the band in late 2006 and re-released the album on vinyl. The album's producer, Tim Green, was a producer for Weakling, a band which Wolves in the Throne Room have often been compared to.



A Storm Of Light - And We Wept The Black Ocean Within

2008, Neurot Recordings

1. Adrift (1:48)
2. Vast & Endless (7:27)
3. Black Ocean (9:11)
4. Thunderhead (7:54)
5. Undertow (3:16)
6. Mass (8:05)
7. Leaden Tide (7:50)
8. Breach (2:06)
9. Descent (5:00)
10. Iron Heart (10:21)

A Storm of Light is a Doom Metal/Post-Rock band from New York City. The band was started by Josh Graham, who has been a longtime visual collaborator of the band Neurosis. Josh left the group Red Sparowes, of which he was a founding member to focus on Storm. The group is completed by bassist Domenic Seita (ex-Tombs) and drummers Vinny Signorelli (Unsane) and Pete Angevine (Satanized). "And We Wept The Black Ocean Within" is the first release and full length from A Storm Of Light.



Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics...

1997, Rise Above Records

1. Return Trip (10:03)
2. Wizard In Black (8:14)
3. Doom Mantia (8:50)
4. Ivixor B/Phase Inducer (8:48)
5. Son Of Nothing (6:44)
6. Solarian 13 (8:00)
7. Demon Lung (5:56)
8. Return To The Son of Nothingness (6:39)

Electric Wizard are a doom metal band from Dorset, England that formed in 1993. The band have since recorded six albums, two of which are now considered to be landmarks of their genre: "Come My Fanatics..." and "Dopethrone". Electric Wizard have a distinct yet traditional doom metal sound that incorporates stoner and sludge traits, with lyrics typically involving the occult, witchcraft, H.P. Lovecraft, horror films and cannabis.

Come My Fanatics... is the second album by the doom metal band Electric Wizard. It was released in 1997, and is widely viewed as a landmark in the history of the doom metal genre. Extremely slow, down-tuned, bass-heavy and psychedelic (or "spacey"), the album is often ranked among the "heaviest" of the 1990s.



Sunn O))) - White1 & 2

2003/2004, Southern Lord Records

1. My Wall (25:17)
2. The Gates of Ballard (15:32)
3. A Shaving of the Horn That Speared You (17:52)

1. Hell-o)))-ween (14:11)
2. BassAliens (23:22)
3. Decay2 (Nihils' Maw) (25:15)

White1 is the fourth album by Sunn O))). It was the most significant departure from their original style to date. Each track was experimental in its own way, with Julian Cope reciting occultic druidist poetry for half of "My Wall", Norwegian lyrics sung by Runhild Gammelsæter of Thorr's Hammer as an intro to a drum machine and stoner metal bass riff in "The Gates of Ballard", and the drone track "A Shaving of the Horn that Speared You."

The lyrics to "The Gates of Ballard" come from "Håvard Hedde", a Norwegian folk song. Another metal version of Håvard Hedde had been recorded in 1995 by Storm.

In Q Magazine's August issue (named the loud issue), they named White1 as the 18th loudest album of all time, just below Jimi Hendrix's album Are You Experienced?

White2 is the fifth album by Sunn O))). It was actually recorded during the same sessions as White1, but it was not released until a year later.

This album features Attila Csihar of Mayhem fame quoting the Srimad Bhagavatam on "Decay2 [Nihils' Maw]". "HELL-O)))-WEEN" is a more traditional Sunn O))) track, harkening back to The Grimmrobe Demos in its all-guitar-and-bass approach. A DOD Buzz Box effects pedal designed to imitate the sound of Buzz Osborne of The Melvins was used for the bass effects on "bassAliens."



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Order From Chaos - Stillbirth Machine & Crushed Infamy

1993, Decapitated/Wild Rags - 1989, Wild Rags- 1998, Osmose

1.The Edge of Forever07:09
2.Power Elite04:45
3.Iconoclasm Conquest02:35
4.Forsake Me This Mortal Coil05:11
5.Stillbirth Machine07:33
6.Blood And Thunder04:02
7.As The Body Falls Away04:09
8.Webs of Perdition04:51
10.Crimes Against The State03:34
Of Death And Dying02:47
12.Blood And Thunder04:41

Order From Chaos. Stillbirth Machine. These two terms are analogous to death metal, and unfortunately haven't received the full recognition they deserve until more recent years, with various reissues becoming available. This album is a downright classic, and manages to capture the true spirit of death metal (and extreme metal in general), and at the same time avoids being like anything else that has come out of the genre. The combination of 80's death metal and the power of hardcore punk coupled with Pete Helmkamp's lyrical genius has made "Stillbirth Machine" (and every other OFC release for that matter) a top release in the metal world.

The album starts off with "Aion", which some may recognize as a piece used in the film "2001: A Space Odyssey", and is quite an appropriate build up of ambience and eerie noises to the first actual song, "The Edge of Forever". Right away, the production stands out. The guitar tone is thick and filthy, with the bass simply adding to the album's black mass sound. Overall, a very fitting production style, it suits the riffs and makes them just all the more devastating, with the other instruments coming though without sounding polished in the least.

The riffs here are fantastic. Chuck Keller certainly has his very own style of riff writing, with tons of rhythmic flair and variation. This works extremely well with Mike Miller's punk influence drumming, as he pummels away and pushes the riffs in just the right spots. Each riff is carefully arranged, ensuring that they each stand out and have purpose in the song. Nothing seems out of place, and at the same time nothing seems predictable. Order From Chaos manage to keep their songs interesting, and you never feel like anything drags.

One will probably notice after a few tracks that there are no blast beats on this album at all. This works pretty well for Order From Chaos, as they never really do anything typical for death metal. This band, as mentioned, works a lot on rhythmic flair, and such a straight through beat as a blast beat would probably not benefit them very much. Instead, intricate work between feet and hands playing barbaric and sometimes primitive beats are the main offering on this album.

Keller's lead work is also worth a mention. The horrifying guitar tone achieved on the rhythm tracks has also been translated over into the lead tone. Dive bombs, slides, tapping, among various other techniques have been utilized in his solos. Thankfully, Keller's technique is not the main focus of the solos, as he strings together memorable licks that sound chaotic yet have their own sense of melody. Some solos are certainly noisier than others, like in "Iconoclasm Conquest", where others are more lick oriented (see: "Forsake Me This Mortal Coil").

Of course, one of the winning features about Order From Chaos is found within the lyrical department. Pete Helmkamp wrote the majority of the lyrics on this record, Keller handling two of the tracks. Helmkamp's lyrics tend to revolve around Nietzsche influenced philosophy. Helmkamp's basic idea is about the "will to power", a belief in the self's ability to achieve, as well as ideas related the band's name, all mixed with some occult allusions. His lyrics in Angelcorpse were great, but these are more focused in a "grand scheme" of things. Keller's lyrics have more to do with the cosmos and prove to be just as interesting to read. His interest in space certainly expanded later in OFC's career, and later in his solo project, Vulpecula. Helmkamp spits these lyrics out in a violent rage storm, proving himself to be one of the most ferocious vocalist in all of metal. There is use of double tracking, with the second track being much lower, much like Sarcofago.

There isn't a single thing I can find wrong with this record. It's memorable and well written, has one of the most horrifying atmospheres ever recorded in death metal, features great musicianship while managing not to be flashy, and contains thoughtful and provoking lyrics. This is a record that every metal fan should hear, as it unites music and lyrical concept very well in ways that so many bands wish they could.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Mitochondrion - Archaeaeon

2008, Independent

1.Chapter 1100:52
2.Into the Pit of Babel09:12
3.Agonizing (In the Shadow of the Hammerblow)03:37
4.Eternal Contempt of Man05:31
5.Infernal Weapons Summons05:09
6.Oath In Defiance07:17
7.Descent ...02:31
9.Akashic Predation07:40
10.137 (Death's Hedecaratia)14:51
11.Organum Exitus03:27

Victoria's Mitochondrion are truly leaders in the current Canadian extreme metal scene. Proof? Just listen to this album - brilliantly structured songs, clever dynamics, low as fuck vocals, and blistering blastbeats dominate this album. It takes a couple listens as it's a bit much to digest at first, but each listen will reveal more to your ears. This is some truly twisted death metal, get it now.


Atomizer - The Only Weapon Of Choice

2003, Lycanthropic Fervour

1.Power, Not Participation02:29
2.And the Hunt Starts Again02:50
3.When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently05:04
4.The Campaign04:28
5.The War That Never Ended03:51
6.The Only Weapon of Choice03:43
8.One Man's Failure03:41
9.So Terrified, Yet in Control02:55
10.Join the Blackheart Reich03:34
11.For Blackness Absolute03:13
12.Sometimes They Hear the Bullet02:52
13.The Fog of War01:34

Fully titled "The Only Weapon of Choice - 13 Odes to Power, Decimation And Conquest", Atomizer deliver their dirty brand of blackened thrash metal that only an Australian band would be capable of delivering. This isn't your typical Destroyer 666 type of band, Atomizer certainly had a sound of their own, and this album is one of the highlights of their career. Check this out, it's a guaranteed rocker!


Mefitic - Signing the Servants of God (Demo)

2009, Drakkar

1.Henosis of Void05:42
2.Execrable Precept of Ha-Melekh Ha-Goel05:18
3.Diseased Ruth05:19
4.Prayer to Lamashtu06:19
5.Sepulcrum Antistitis XIII04:54

There's been a handful of demo tapes I've received this year that have kicked my ass, and this one is no exception to that rule. Mefitic are an Italian band that play black/death metal that would be somewhat comparable to Necros Christos and Grave Miasma - very old school sound and dark, so obviously something I'm going to drool over. A friend hooked me up with this tape plus the mp3 rip of it, so thanks a lot HT for your efforts!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lust - Genesis of a Satanic Race

2005, Blood Fire Death

2.Birth Of The Unconquerable One09:14
3.Oh Horror01:21
4.Storming Under Steel05:46
5.Genocide Bitch00:25
6.Spear Of Destiny06:19
7.Hymn To The Exhiled02:04
8.Iron Warfare05:27
9.On Beyond Andromeda Part II01:58
10.Portal To Cygnus - I Via Eydonia05:52
11.Nazi Occult Metal (Spear Of Longinus Cover)05:09

"Genesis of a Satanic Race" is not for weak minded "metal heads" who can't stomach extreme metal. This release is one of the most over the top, layered, and extreme records to ever come out of Canada. Even a seasoned metal fan will have to listen to it several times for it to make sense. Contained within the madness here is cleverly arranged songs, complex and dissonant riffs, and a truly violent performance. Lust certainly has all the elements of what a black metal record should be, and pushes everything to a new extreme. Listen to this and have your eardrums beaten to death!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sleep's Holy Mountain

1993, Earache Records

1. Dragonaut (5:43)
2. The Druid (4:52)
3. Evil Gypsy / Solomon's Theme (7:07)
4. Some Grass (0:48)
5. Aquarian (5:38)
6. Holy Mountain (8:45)
7. Inside the Sun (5:45)
8. From Beyond (10:34)
9. Nain's Baptism (3:02)

Sleep's Holy Mountain is the second studio album by the stoner doom band Sleep. It was released in November 1992 in Europe, and March 1993 in the USA through Earache Records.

The recordings that would become Sleep's Holy Mountain were originally sent to independent label, Earache, as a demo. The label immediately signed the band and released the recordings exactly as they were received. It was the last album to be released by the band as a fully functioning group, as their subsequent albums were released after the group had broken up.

The album, which includes the word "stoner" in the lyrics of two songs and prominently features cannabis leaves in its album art, is widely considered one of the seminal albums in the evolution of stoner rock. It became a favorite of the heavy metal press and the band was heralded, along with Kyuss, as leaders of the emerging stoner scene.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Owen Hart - 2005 Demo

2005, Independent

1. My Manhood Is Not Measured In Inches (3:55)
2. She Drinks Of Pills and White Russians (3:20)
3. My Name Is 29628146 (3:45)
4. Gomorrahs Season Ends Saved My Life (5:32)

Metal influenced hardcore hailing from Tacoma, Washington. Featuring members of The Helm. Owen Hart have plans for a full length release in the near future.


Graf Orlock/Greyskull - Split

2005, Dood Records

Graf Orlock:
1. Hauser (2:16)
2. Vilos Cohaagen (1:52)
3. GeorgeQuato (1:23)
4. Melina (2:00)
5. Bob McClane (1:51)
6. Richter (2:17)
7. Dr. Edgemar (2:09)

8. Vegan Death Squad (3:10)
9. When You Use The Word 'Gay' As A Pejorative You Sound Like A Big Fucking Idiot (2:01)
10. Wizbo (0:53)
11. The End Result Of Four Years Temp. Labor (2:46)
12. Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Vs. Rambo (4:55)

In late 2003 Graf Orlock formed as an answer to monotony of “heart felt” lyrics and “sincere” prose. By pushing the envelope of the “cinema-grind” genre, Graf Orlock balance on the illusory edge of relevance and complete absurdity, longing for the heyday of late 80s and early 90s action movies, and the artistry of thematic creativity contained therein. Exploring issues as wide spread as terrorism, cybernetic revolution, inter-planetary colonialism, and psychotic delusion, Graf Orlock investigate the nether regions of the human condition. Through the medium of film, they articulate an increasingly radical view of the world around them, forming a brutal social commentary of the dwindling present, and a speculatively pessimistic outlook of the future ahead.

Greyskull are a metal-influenced hardcore band hailing from Tacoma, Washington, active between 2003 and 2007. The band was slated to release a full-length through Crimethinc, although they broke up before it was ever recorded. Members include former and current members of a number of other bands including Marrow, Graf Orlock, Owen Hart, divinity of truth, Houses and Elphaba.



Yaphet Kotto - We Bury Our Dead Alive

2004, Ebullition Records

1. Instrumental (3:03)
2. We Bury Our Dead Alive (5:23)
3. The Heavy Burden (2:40)
4. Past On The Stairs (3:48)
5. Chime The Day (3:05)
6. Paths (4:15)
7. The Constant Ringing (3:11)
8. Instrumental (6:20)
9. Chime The Night (5:22)
10. Instrumental (1:00)

The emotive hardcore band Yaphet Kotto, formed 1997 in Santa Cruz, California, is named in homage to the actor. The group is now based in San Francisco, California. Its members are Creeyvy May, Lincoln Borst, Nicolas Gravery, CASEY WATSON, and Alexander Depp. Some of its members formed Saviours.



Monday, November 30, 2009

Arghoslent/Martial Barrage - Send Forth The Best Ye Breed

2009, Drakkar Productions

1.Fodder for the Shoah04:56
2.Converts at the Tents of Grace05:12
3.Tar-Skinned Pygmoids of the Dense Bush05:08
4.The Ghosts of Flossenburg05:57
Martial Barrage
5.The Arctic Seat04:16
6.Murus Strictus03:27
7.To Topple the Dragon Throne03:34
8.Rising Sun Cremation04:22
9.Mantle of Strength04:19

After a long wait, we finally get the split between the American Arghoslent and the Canadian Martial Barrage. The Arghoslent tracks were recorded during the same session as their latest full length, and feature similar production. The songs seem somewhat like the b-sides of "Hornets of the Pogrom" but are still quite enjoyable. The Martial Barrage side is the first material we've heard since their debut album 4 years ago, and it proves to be really crushing, although the production could be significantly improved. The lead guitar playing has really improved in this band as well, with the addition of a new member.


Nuclearhammer - Obliteration Ritual

2009, Morbid Moon Records

1.Intro / Obliteration Ritual03:30
2.Impalement (Of The Wretched)04:34
4.Dementia (A Black Void) Part II03:46
5.Slave State03:46
6.The Ancient One03:28
7.Sacramental Pestilence02:49
8.I Am The Serpent Lord02:57
9.Prologue To Murder04:23
10.Whirlwinds Of Toxic Perdition01:45
11.Winters Profane Acrimony16:03

After a string of demos and other small releases, Ontario's Nuclearhammer finally unleashes their first full length of atomic goat black metal. Take the war qualities of Revenge and mix in the obscure madness of Lust, and that should give you a fairly decent idea of what Nuclearhammer has to offer. This is really fucking harsh, and will make any Canadian metal head proud to see yet another amazing band added to our country's already growing roster of worthwhile metal bands. Blast beats, delayed vocals, and brutal riffs - what else do you fucking want?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Witch - Self Titled LP

2006, Tee Pee Records

1. Seer (7:57)
2. Soul of Fire (3:37)
3. Black Saint (6:02)
4. Changing (6:42)
5. Rip Van Winkle (4:43)
6. Hand of Glory (5:28)
7. Isadora (6:00)

Witch is an American doom metal band whose members are from Vermont and Massachusetts that was formed in 2005 by Dinosaur Jr guitarist J Mascis and long time friend Dave Sweetapple. However, Mascis does not play guitar for the band; he plays his first instrument, the drums. To complete the band's lineup, Mascis and Sweetapple recruited the guitarist and vocalist, Kyle Thomas, from avant-folk group Feathers. Their eponymous debut album was released on March 7, 2006. They also contributed an alternate version of the song "Rip Van Winkle" to the Invaders compilation, which was released by Kemado Records later that year.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time To Burn - Is.Land

2007, Basement Apes Industries

1. Is (2:26)
2. Nayeli (5:17)
3. Emma Peel (7:15)
4. Tormenta (4:42)
5. . (2:25)
6. Isle Of Men (2:51)
7. Tsering Lhamo (6:40)
8. Sang (2:44)
9. Gream (4:18)
10. Land (5:20)

Thus the backbone of their music is to be found in major out-standing noise hardcore bands such as Botch, Shora, Shovel, Cult of Luna, Neurosis and Breach, thus incorporating further elements of punk, hardcore and rock n’ roll, so that they could stick firmly to the post-hardcore scene. Time to burn brings their own menace to their songs, partly parting ways with math structures to incorporate crushing waves of metallic heavyness which can foresee a bright future on this ground. And if so Time to burn would provoke an immense crush on their music with an overwhelming doom sludge. Next compositions will tell us. 'Is.Land', wide and deprived of all influences, will hit the underground in october 2007 after being captured at Geneva's TVO studios where Time to Burn feels affiliated with.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World

1991, Nuclear Blast

1.Prophecy of a Dying World06:14
3.Ancestral Shadows06:51
4.The Unearthly (A Quest)04:45
5.Asphyxiated Time07:55
6.Distant Eyes07:16

Hailing from New Jersey, Revenant started up in 86 and were quite active in the formative years of death metal. John McEntee and Paul Ledney met in this band and left it to form Incantation. This is pretty different from what both McEntee and Ledney did later, but rules just as much. The riffs are thrashy but have a nice sense of brutality in addition to being fluently phrased. The guitar tone is dry and odd, but damn, is this a good listen. The lyrics are easy to understand, which is great because much of it is based off of Lovecraft. Another lost gem of many in the death metal scene, be sure to check this.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions

2009, Southern Lord Records

1. Aghartha (17:34)
2. Big Church (megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért) (9:43)
3. Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia) (10:02)
4. Alice (16:21)

Monoliths & Dimensions is the seventh studio album by drone doom band Sunn O))). The album was created and recorded over a period of 2 years and features the collaborations of composer Eyvind Kang, Australian guitar player Oren Ambarchi, Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar, Dylan Carlson from the drone band Earth, and trombonists Julian Priester and Stuart Dempster. There's also an upright bass trio, French and English horns, harp and flute duo, piano, brass, reed and strings ensembles, and a Viennese woman's choir led by Persian vocal savant Jessika Kenney.

However, the band has expressed that:
“The album is not "SUNN O))) with strings" or "metal meets orchestra" material. The band took an approach concentrating on more of allusion toward the timbre of feedback and the instruments involved, so the piece is really illusory, beautiful and not entirely linear, stating that the end product is "the most musical piece we’ve done, and also the heaviest, powerful and most abstract set of chords we’ve laid to tape".

The cover art is "out-of-round X" done by Richard Serra in 1999.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cruciamentum - Convocation of Crawling Chaos (Demo)

Independent, 2009

1.Intromantical Scream00:59
2.Deathless Ascension05:45
3.Convocation of Crawling Chaos04:42
4.Rotten Flesh Crucifix06:33

Second demo from British death metal blasphemers Cruciamentum. Featuring members of Grave Miasma, Imindain, and Dark Forest, this band will certainly deliver some dark death metal for your twisted ears.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eagle Twin - The Unkindness Of Crows

2009, Southern Lord Records

1. In the Beginning was the Scream (9:13)
2. Murder of... (12:12)
3. Birds of Black Hot Fire (9:03)
4. Storytelling of Ravens (6:24)
5. Crow Hymn(15:01)
6. Carry on, King of Carrion (6:26)
7. And it came to pass that birds rain down as black snakes (6:34)

Behold the debut album from Eagle Twin. Although Eagle Twin is a very new entity its helmsman: Gentry Densley is no stranger to innovative, heavy music. Densley was the musical visionary and leader of the legendary Jazz, Prog, Rock, Metal, Hardcore group Iceburn from 1991-2001.

Iceburn has been called the greatest and most important musical offering from Salt Lake City since the Osmonds! Gentrys' playing has been very influential to alot of successful modern music groups such as: Isis, Pelican, sunn 0))) etc..

In order to disseminate his majestic and mountainous riffs in the present day he enlisted massively behemoth skinsman Tyler Smith. The drums are not only a driving force that efficiently steam rolls over you they conjure a repetitious mantra that is eerily infectious.
Although Iceburn was primarily a instrumental force with Eagle Twin Gentry is much more vocal and the depth of his lyrics is endless. His vocal evocations bring to mind the hoarse rasp of Tom Waits and Howlin Wolf but possibly channeled through Tuvan throat singers! His voice, is used much like an instrument and often times creates a unique drone of its own. The riffs and music definitely have familiar reference points (Caspar Brotzmann Massaker,Earth, sunn 0))), Melvins etc..) but are crafted in a way that stands miles beyond the others.

"The Unkindness of Crows" was recorded to tape in Seattle by Randall Dunn (earth, sunn 0))), Kinski, Ascend).



Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures

2008, High Anxiety Records

1. Cannibals (0:35)
2. Amongst The Wolves (0:34)
3. My Own Hell / Watching The World Burn (2:22)
4. King Of Frauds (1:21)
5. Beating Myself Up (1:04)
6. Feed Them... (1:56)
7. ...To The Vultures (1:50)
8. Coming Clean (2:07)

Eating Glass was a thrashy hardcore punk band from southern Ontario, Canada, influenced heavily by bands like Cut The Shit, Left For Dead and Wolfbrigade. The "Feed Them To The Vultures" 7” was released on High Anxiety Records (ex-Cursed frontman Chris Colohan) and is available worldwide through No Idea Records.



Friday, November 13, 2009

Saint Vitus - Born Too Late

1987, SST Records

1. Born Too Late (6:58)
2. Clear Windowpane (3:19)
3. Dying Inside (7:27)
4. H.A.A.G. (5:04)
5. The Lost Feeling (5:25)
6. The War Starter (6:46)
7. Thirsty And Miserable (Black Flag Cover) (3:55)
8. Look Behind You (3:22)
9. The End Of The End (5:50)

Saint Vitus are a highly influential American doom metal band from Los Angeles. They have been regarded as one of the first bands of the genre, starting out as early as the late 1970s, along with Pentagram and Trouble. For most of their career, the band comprised vocalist Scott Weinrich, bassist Mark Adams, guitarist Dave Chandler and drummer Armando Acosta. After breaking up in 1996, Saint Vitus briefly reunited for a tour in 2003, and are back together again as of 2008.

Born Too Late is the third album by Saint Vitus. This was the first Saint Vitus album featuring former Obsessed singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich. All the songs except "The War Starter" are featured on the compilation album Heavier Than Thou.

In 1990, SST released Born Too Late on CD and included the Thirsty and Miserable EP tracks. "Thirsty and Miserable" is a Black Flag cover.



Cult Ritual LP

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Holiday (2:40)
2. Horror Sale (1:29)
3. Ugly Years (1:21)
4. Lude (0:42)
5. Nailed (1:00)
6. Failed (1:27)
7. Saturday's Blood (5:20)
8. Last Time (5:31)
9. Cancer Money (12:10)

Bulldozing over a breadth of classic influences, Florida's CULT RITUAL embodies everything a band should be: Motivated, Uncompromising, and Lethal. Anyone fortunate enough to have lived through their live performances will attest to the band's unparalleled standard of ferocity. Their debut full length LP captures the band at their most daring, most fully-realized apex.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

High On Fire - The Art Of Self Defense

2000, Man's Ruin Records

1. Baghdad (5:15)
2. 10,000 Years (7:53)
3. Blood from Zion (4:55)
4. Last (6:36)
5. Fireface (8:35)
6. Master of Fists (10:03)

High On Fire is a stoner metal band originally formed from the remnants of the legendary stoner band Sleep. Matt Pike, from Sleep, sings and plays guitar in High on Fire and founded the band with George Rice (bass) and Des Kensel (drums). The remaining members of Sleep, bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Hakius, went on to form the duo OM, which retains more of the original Sleep vibe of crushingly slow repeated riffing.

High on Fire’s sound is extremely heavy, drawing influences on the aforementioned Sleep, Motörhead, and even hardcore punk.

The Oakland, California band formed in 1998 and released ‘The Art of Self Defense’ on Man’s Ruin Records, in March 2000.



Monday, November 9, 2009

Khanate - Clean Hands Go Foul

2009, Hydra Head Records

1. Wings from Spine (6:47)
2. In That Corner (9:13)
3. Clean My Heart (11:05)
4. Every God Damn Thing (32:52)

Khanate was an extreme doom metal supergroup that brought together James Plotkin and Alan Dubin, two members of the defunct band OLD, as well as Tim Wyskida (of Blind Idiot God and Manbyrd) and Stephen O'Malley (of Burning Witch and Sunn O))) fame).

It was certainly sad to see Khanate go, as they really were one of the most talented modern doom bands around. Lots of bands try going the “play as slow as possible” route, but few manage to pull it off with any sense of conviction, and in the end just make it sound like they’re playing slow for the sake of playing slow. Khanate never fell into this trap, no matter how sparse some of their songs would get, and always had some sort of purpose for what was happening (or wasn’t happening, depending on how you look at it). While the self-titled debut was skin-slashing, ear-splitting, torturous DOOM, they later developed a sound less focused on heaviness and more on texture and tension, as seen on ‘Things Viral’ and the ‘Capture & Release’ EP. With that sound also came a more freeform type of approach to song structure and rhythm, and at times was taken to the point where it seemed to be completely void of both. ‘Clean Hands Go Foul’ takes this approach and pushes it to even greater extremes.

Pretty much the entire album seems to be complete absent of any form of coherency, rhythm, melody, structure, or anything else that could possibly deem this “proper music”. Some will undoubtedly see this as a bad thing, which is perfectly understandable. Then there are those who see this as a beneficial decision on the band’s part, as it gives them a whole other world to explore. Not only are they now able to tread new ground, but the seemingly improvised nature of the music just adds even more to the overall psychotic, twisted aura that made this band so good. No one else could create as much of an unsettling atmosphere as Khanate could, and this album just proves that statement even further.

-Wikipedia / Metal-Archives.com


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black Sabbath - Vol.4

1972, Vertigo Records

1. Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener (8:01)
2. Tomorrow's Dream(3:11)
3. Changes (4:44)
4. FX (1:43)
5. Supernaut (4:49)
6. Snowblind (5:33)
7. Cornucopia (3:54)
8. Laguna Sunrise (2:55)
9. St. Vitus Dance (2:29)
10. Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes (5:52)

Black Sabbath are an English rock band, formed in Birmingham in 1968 by Ozzy Osbourne (lead vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), and Bill Ward (drums and percussion). The band has since experienced multiple lineup changes, with a total of twenty-two former members. Originally formed as a heavy blues-rock band named Earth, the band began incorporating occult- and horror-inspired lyrics with tuned-down guitars, changing their name to Black Sabbath and achieving multiple gold and platinum records in the 1970s. As one of the first and most influential heavy metal bands of all time, Black Sabbath helped define the genre with releases such as 1970's Vol. 4

Volume 4 demonstrates Black Sabbath beginning to experiment with the heavy sound they had become known for. Although some songs are in their trademark style, others demonstrate a soft, orchestral approach. This is exemplified by the song "Changes". Written by Tony Iommi, it is entirely in the form of a piano ballad with mellotron. Although the band had used piano on some songs previously, it had played only a minor role in the songs.

At least two songs on the album reference the use of cocaine. The lyrics and title of "Snowblind" is an example of this. The song "Snowblind" also had to be re-recorded because the original version features Osbourne yelling the word "cocaine!" after each verse. On the officially released version, "cocaine" is whispered quite audibly after the first verse, approximately 41 seconds into the song (During live performances Osbourne would again scream the word at the top of his lungs).



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Begrime Exemious - Demo 2007

2007/2009, Independent/Maltkross

1.Crooked Serpent05:24
2.Assemblage of Witches04:16
3.Pronouncement of the Glorious End03:25
4.Asphyxiation Via Viscera Noose03:30
5.Devil Fist Infernal03:54
6.Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)04:37

Originally recorded as a 3 piece in 2007, this demo remained unreleased until 2009 on cassette with the "Set Ablaze the Kingdom of Abraham" EP. 5 original songs of dark, twisted death metal assault, with a Black Sabbath cover to round it off.


Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar

2007, Daymare Records

(Daymare 3LP version)
1. Etna (9:51)
2. N.L.T. (3:50)
3. The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep) (7:38)
4. Akuma No Kuma (7:53)
5. Fried Eagle Mind (9:47)
6. The Sinking Belle (Black Sheep) (5:05)
7. The Sinking Belle (White Sheep) (4:28)
8. Blood Swamp (14:46)
9. Her Lips Were Wet With Venom (28:14)

Altar is a collaboration album between Japanese doom band Boris and American drone doom duo Sunn O))), released on October 31, 2006 through Southern Lord Records. A limited two-CD edition was released on October 23rd via Southern Lord with a 28 minute bonus track with Sunn O))), Boris, and Dylan Carlson, titled "Her Lips Were Wet with Venom". Inoxia Records released their own two-CD version in 2006 which features a bonus track on the first disc, "The Sinking Belle (Black Sheep)," and also features "Her Lips Were Wet with Venom" on disc 2. The triple-vinyl edition by Southern Lord contains all of the songs from their two-CD edition, additional pictures, and liner notes by Kim Thayil. The Daymare 3LP version was released March 23, 2007 and features a bonus track not found on any other version of this release: "The Sinking Belle (White Sheep)."

In addition to major players Sunn O))) and Boris, Altar also boasts an extensive roster of guest musicians/collaborators such as Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Joe Preston (Earth, Thrones, Melvins, High on Fire), Phil Wandscher and Jesse Sykes (both of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter) as well as long time Sunn O))) collaborators TOS Niewenhuizen and Rex Ritter.



Earth - Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars

2001, No Quarter Records

1. Ripped on Fascist Ideas (31:19)
2. Geometry of Murder (7:22)
3. German Dental Work (5:20)
4. Divine and Bright (3:02)
5. Dissolution 1 (7:11)
6. Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge (13:36)
7. Orouboros (9:16)

Earth is an American musical group based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1990 and led by guitarist Dylan Carlson.

Earth's early work is recognized as pioneering the genre of drone doom — an experimental offshoot of doom metal, characterized by droning, minimalist, lengthy, and repetitive structures. Earth's early albums could be seen as a variation of the experimental doom-influenced metal of The Melvins.

Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars is a live album by Earth, originally released in 1995 by Blast First Records. It contained the track "Ripped on Fascist Ideas" (recorded in London, May 1995). It was re-released in 2001 by No Quarter Records with four bonus tracks taken from a 1990 demo. Kurt Cobain and Kelly Canary contribute guest vocals on the track "Divine and Bright".

Four-piece instrumental band, Pelican, covered the song "Geometry of Murder" on their "Ephemeral" EP.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boris - Amplifier Worship

2003, Southern Lord Records

1. Huge (9:14)
2. Ganbou-Ki (15:44)
3. Hama (7:30)
4. Kuruimizu (14:27)
5. Vomitself (16:57)

Boris are known to regularly switch musical genres between albums. Drawing from a wide variety of musical styles including psychedelic rock, punk, sludge, doom, minimalism, drone and more. Boris takes its name from a song on Bullhead by Melvins.

Amplifier Worship came out on the Mangrove label in 1998 and was also unavailable in the U.S. for several years; San Francisco’s Man’s Ruin had planned to reissue it in the fall of 2001, but the label folded before that could happen. Excluding the "one-long-song" albums, this is one of only two Boris full-lengths to have vocals on every song (the other being 2008's Smile). "Vomitself" was written and laid down in a different session from the other four songs.

-last.fm / Wikipedia


Cremation - Welcome (Demo)

1992, Independent

1.Laborious Funeral04:06
2.Welcome to the Crematorium04:04
4.Child Meat03:40

Cremation was a band from Edmonton, Canada featuring J. Read (who went on to Conqueror, Revenge, and Axis of Advance) on drums. Recently, a compilation of the last three demos the band did was released, and this one was left out. The material here is much more in the death metal vein, as the songwriting was in different hands at this point. Hart from Disciples Of Power does guest vocals on one track as well. Don't miss this, as this is some real quality death metal with some real violent drumming.


Womb/Disciples of Mockery - Split

2001, Necroharmonic

1.Bound, Fucked, Humiliated05:39
Disciples of Mockery
6.Rotting Immaculate Like You05:53
7.Sustained In Desolation04:24
8.God Of Love06:42

Here's an interesting split. What we have here is two bands that feature 3 ex-Incantation members, being Ronnie Deo, Jim Roe and of course Craig Pillard. With that being said, one can almost know what to expect from this split release.

The album starts off with the Womb side. Womb was a project formed after these 3 members left Incantation, and continues in somewhat of the same fashion but with out the John McEntee riffs. What we do have here is really doom laden death metal that fans old and new can appreciate. The womb side is actually their one and only demo, and it's a shame they never released more material.

Womb is quite destructive but has a lot of open, evil sounding doom sections. Craig Pillards voice thunders overtop of the crushing music. The second track, "Thong" displays some of the best doom sections on the album, and really shows how well these guys can play together. Actually, some of these doom sections wouldn't feel out of place on a Methadrone album, a later doom project of Craig Pillard. The lyrics are destructive as they deal with degrading women, and the likes.

The next half of the split belongs to Disciples of Mockery, which features the same members except with an extra guitarist. The transition to this side is not very noticeable unless you play close attention, as both bands sound quite similar and have the same overall vision. DoM is however, leans towards the more violent side of things in terms of music, once again comparable to Incantation's violent parts, especially the second Incantation LP.

One thing I noticed from the DoM side is there are some pretty black metal sounding riffs, where a chord is played and a shifting melody is hidden within it. These three songs are from the first DoM promo, and are a bit more primitive than the DoM full length. However, although some people feel this side isn't near as good as the Dom LP, I feel they are still strong songs and flow very well with the split.

This split is highly recommended, especially to Incantation fans, fans of Craig Pillard, and fans of doom/death metal. There is some truly well done song writing here, and it's a shame both bands (especially Womb) didn't release more material.


Teitanblood - Seven Chalices

2009, Norma Evangelium Diaboli/Ajna Offensive/Dauthus

1.Whore Mass03:10
2.Domains of Darkness and Ancient Evil06:36
3.Interlude (Arabian title)01:55
4.Morbid Devil of Pestilence06:50
5.Interlude (Cuneiform title)03:32
6.Infernal Dance of the Wicked04:51
7.Interlude (Sanskrit title)02:01
8.Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood05:53
9.Qliphotic Necromancy02:31
10.The Abomination of Desolation12:10
11.The Origin of Death09:26

Teitanblood is a band that has really surprised me. Initially, I thought this band wasn't worth much. Granted, I had only heard some low fidelity analog rips from the internet, but I couldn't really get into it. After hearing the earlier material on the "Black Putrescence of Evil" compilation, I began to suspect that there might be a bit more to this band that I first thought. This album, however, out shadows anything that Teitanblood has done yet, and has turned out to be one of my favourites this year.

The production here is rather fitting - it's quite filthy. The guitar tone is dirty and bassy, but nothing really gets buried. All the instruments sound like a horrific machine working together to create some really dark death metal. Top that off with a really killer vocal performance with some cool reverb and delay, and you have yourself a winning combination.

Musically, "Seven Chalices" falls somewhere under the influence of Autopsy, Blasphemy, and Celtic Frost. The riffs are pretty primitive and brutal, and never really get technical. They are fairly memorable and will make any true death metal fan move their head. There's some riffs with more defined grooves, like in "Whore Mass", then there are some much faster riffs in the next track, "Domains of Darkness and Ancient Evil". The lead work is noisy and full of dive-bombs and runs, similar to Blasphemy. The track "Morbid Devil of Pestilence" has some absolutely deadly riffing, sounding like Celtic Frost's "Into Crypt Of Rays" with more muscle.

The songs get pretty involved on this album, especially by the end with 12 and 9 minute songs taking up the end. I've listened to this album over and over and not found myself thinking any tracks drag or sound redundant. The flow of this record is really quite nice, much in thanks to the alternation of songs and interludes.

There are several interludes to be found on this album, all with varying techniques and sounds. They all are eerie in their own ways, with usage of different stringed instruments. As it should, these interludes provide more of an overall atmosphere to "Seven Chalices".

The difference between Teitanblood and their comrades in Proclamation is simple: originality. Teitanblood's first full length offers a different twist, where as Proclamation just does what's already been done. I always thought Teitanblood was falling in that trap, but they certainly proved me wrong with "Seven Chalices". It's proved to be a ripping and really evil sounding record. The album's artwork and booklet are really pleasing due to its rather bizarre aesthetic. An album like this is definitely worth the purchase.


Begrime Exemious - Demo 2006

2006, Independent

1.Lest Our Tongues Be Torn From Their Roots03:22
2.Of Cloven Hoof02:33
3.Path Of The Goat04:19
4.Astonishing Consequence03:33

This is the first offering from Edmonton death/black metal maniacs Begrime Exemious. The lineup here is slightly different than more recent material, with more bizarre riffs thrown into the mix. Tracks like "Path of the Goat" have been fan favourites ever since the release of this demo. The 2006 demo has been sold out for a while, so grab it here without shame.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celeste - Nihiliste(s)

2008, Denovali Records

1. On Pendra Les Femmes et Les Enfants En Premier (3:01)
2. Au Feu Le Savoir (4:45)
3. Mais Va Vendre Ton Dédain (3:49)
4. Abandonner Tout Espoir à Vingt Ans (2:51)
5. Pour Maintenir Encore Une Fois La Distance (8:07)
6. A Jamais Dénudée (2:54)
7. Tu Regardes Trop Fort, Tu Penses Trop Fort, Tu Parles Trop Fort (6:02)
8. Mais encore faut-il pouvoir renier tout un programme (3:53)
9. De Sévices En Amitiés (3:26)
10. Comme S'il Suffisait De Lever Le Doigt Pour Refaire (6:06)

Celeste is a French hardcore band with ex-Mihai Edrisch members. They released their first EP, “Pessimiste(s)”, at the end of November 2006, an album in 2007 entitled “Nihiliste(s)”, and their latest release ,their second full-length, “Misanthrope(s)” was out in in February 2009.


Goatsnake Vol. 1

1999, Man's Ruin Records/Rise Above Records

1. Slippin The Stealth (3:15)
2. Innocent (3:32)
3. What Love Remains (6:50)
4. IV (4:31)
5. Mower (6:05)
6. Dog Catcher (2:32)
7. Lord of Los Feliz (5:06)
8. Trower (4:57)

Goatsnake was formed in 1996 after the disbanding of The Obsessed. After The Obsessed's disbanding, the rhythm section consisting of Guy Pinhas (former bassist of the Dutch stoner band Beaver) on bass and Greg Rogers on drums began jamming with guitarist Greg Anderson (Thorr's Hammer, Burning Witch, Sunn O)))). They soon found a vocalist in Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Earthlings?, Desert Sessions). Goatsnake recorded and released two 7" EPs in 1998 and were featured on several metal compilations. They released their debut full-length, 1, in 1999 on Man's Ruin Records/Rise Above Records.



Mare - Self Titled EP

Hydra Head Records, 2004

1. Anisette (4:41)
2. They Sent You (5:51)
3. Tropics (2:57)
4. Palaces (6:55)
5. Sun For Miles (4:22)

Mare, from Oakville/Burlington Canada, was a band orchestrated primarily by frontman Tyler Semrick-Palmateer, previously on vocal duty for tech-metal outfit The End. Mare mixes sludge, doom metal, avant-garde, and other textures that defy immediate genres or categorizations. They released one self titled EP in 2004 before breaking up.

Melvins - Bullhead

1991, Boner Records

1. Boris (8:34)
2. Anaconda (2:23)
3. Ligature (3:49)
4. It's Shoved (2:35)
5. Zodiac (4:14)
6. If I Had An Exorcism (3:07)
7. Your Blessed (5:39)
8. Cow (4:31)

The Melvins are an American sludge metal band that formed in 1982. They are considered one of the godfathers of grunge music and sludge metal. The band was named after a supervisor at a Thriftway in Montesano, Washington where singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne also worked as a clerk. "Melvin" was greatly despised by other employees, and the band's members felt it to be an appropriately ridiculous name.

Bullhead was released in 1991 through Boner Records. This album is notable for having longer song lengths than previous Melvins albums. Before this, most of their songs were under 2 or 3 minutes. The Japanese experimental rock/drone/metal band Boris took their name from the first track on this album.


Timeghoul Demos

Timeghoul - Tumultuous Travelings

1992, Independent

1.Rain Wound06:14
2.The Siege06:54
4.Infinity Coda06:06

Timeghoul - Panaramic Twilight

1994, Independent

1.Boiling in the Hourglass08:29
2.Occurence On Mimas10:41

Timeghoul were a band from Missouri that played a bizarre and very twisted brand of death metal. Imagine Craig Pillard era Incantation's low end, Gorguts' technical bizareness, and Order From Chaos' occult feel, and Timeghoul sits somewhere in there. Both of their demos are included in this download.


Sunn O))) - The Grimmrobe Demos

2005, Southern Lord Records

1. Black Wedding (19:17)
2. Defeating: Earths' Gravity (14:59)
3. Dylan Carlson (21:30)
4. Grimm & Bear It (16:40)

Sunn O))) is an American drone doom band that consists of Stephen O'Malley (also of Khanate and Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (of Goatsnake). Their sound image is extremely slow and heavy, using electric guitars, in low tunings such as drop A, enriched by resonant feedback creating their soundscapes. There is very little drumming and a lack of any discernible beat. When performing live the band wear 'grim robes', fill the air with fog, and play at a high volume. Their collaboration and direction continues to exist through expanded constellations and various forms with maximum loyalty to the power of electric amplified sound. Sunn O))) produce explorations in drone, psychedelic and experimental minimalism/maximalism as well as fusions with such underground metal cultures as Black, Death and Doom Metal - the former defined by its encompassing guitar sounds, uniquely musical stylings and dark, dramatic and contemplative content, Life & death defined by excessive adhesion to the heaviest guitar sounds possible, and the latter often characterized by low and slowly played tones and meditative conceptual and ceremonial content.

The Grimmrobe Demos is Sunn O)))'s first recorded album, and is the most direct representation of their self-proclaimed Earth-worship. It was originally limited to 500 copies by Hydra Head Records, but in 2005 Southern Lord Records reissued it on CD with a bonus live track, "Grimm & Bear It". The title for the album's third track was named after frontman Dylan Carlson of Earth, the band that inspired this album.

-southernlord.com / Wikipedia


Antediluvian - Under Wing of Asael (Demo)

2008, Independent

2.Indomitable Time Eater05:49
3.Hemipenes Eversion04:11
4.Under Wing of Asael10:39

Starting off in a much more raw and black metal direction, Canada's Antediluvian has certainly shown much growth over a series of demos in the past couple years. The band's third demo, "Under Wing Of Asael", pushes the band into death metal territory, as well as some unexplored area as well.

A slight ambient build up leads into "Solarburst", and right away, the guitar tone will kill you. Think somewhere in between "Left Hand Path" and "Onward To Golgotha", and that will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect - low end and crunchy. The vocals are also very reminiscent of Incantation, specifically Craig Pillard's inhumanly low vocals. The song starts getting into some slower parts with some eerie sounding notes, and it becomes apparent that Antediluvian is more than just an average death metal band. This is truly creative music, without any limits, and thus the band can allow themselves to create some really fucking morbid metal.

The riffing here is pretty varied, with a variety of odd noises being produced within the riffs. There's some definite "fago" style here, but rather than repeating what all those other bands do, Antediluvian takes the fundamental rhythms from their influences, and phrases them with much more involved ideas. Again, Incantation influence is definitely present in these riffs, and even some newer influences like Portal bleed through. The drums play in similar fashion - lots of blast beasts, double bass, and quicker beats, but there's always little nuances and pummeling fills to break it up. The two members of this band obviously understand how to work with each other really well. About two minutes into "Indomitable Time Eater", they get fucking bizarre, and the drums play some really appropriate tom tom beats, before leading back into even more pummeling madness.

Out of the four songs here, all of them are keepers. Most will be pretty interested in the 10 plus minute title track, which takes the spotlight with some pretty absurd sounding riffs and arrangements. I would advise all extreme metal fans to obtain this demo (which, I may add, has a really bad ass layout), and keep an eye out for upcoming material, because this is only the beginning for Antediluvian.



Sleep - Dopesmoker

2003, Tee Pee Records

1. Dopesmoker (63:31)
2. Sonic Titan (Live) (9:36)

Dopesmoker is the final album by the American stoner doom band Sleep, released in April 22, 2003. Produced by both the band and Billy Anderson, the album went through problems with their label London Records who refused to release the album as the band intended which led to the album being released in a truncated format years later. The album had an official release in its original form by Tee Pee Records long after the band had broken up. Dopesmoker failed to reach any Billboard charts and wasn't reviewed by many popular music critics, although it received very positive reviews from those who did. Eduardo Rivadavia of online music database Allmusic gave the album four and a half stars out of five stating "Dopesmoker is at once an instant doom metal classic — some might even say a masterpiece". In 2003, the British music magazine Mojo gave the album a rating of 5 out of 5 stars stating that Dopesmoker as "A benchmark by which all that dares call itself stoner rock must surely be judged.." Rock musician/musicologist Julian Cope also praised the album declaring it his "Album of the Month" in April 2004.


Paul Chain - Detaching From Satan

1984, Minotauro

2.Voyage To Hell05:55
4.17 Day07:52

After a stint with Italian “horror metal” band Death SS, guitarist Paul Chain decided he wanted to leave the Satanic image he was playing in. This lead him to form Paul Chain Violet Theater, and here is their very first offering, “Detaching From Satan” from 1984. Many newcomers may feel a bit overwhelmed at the size of Paul Chain’s discography, so right away I’m going to recommend starting here. This EP can really sum up Paul Chain’s sound, and contains some of his best material.

The music here sounds very 70’s influenced, not unlike other doom acts at the time such as Pentagram, Witchfinder General, etc. However, this definitely has much more of a psychedelic edge to it (as one can see expand more at times in Paul Chain’s discography), and there are interludes containing chants and keyboards for eerie effect. The vocals are especially stunning, and aren’t the nasal Ozzy Osbourne-esque style that a lot of others were influenced by. Paul Chain’s voice is very elegant yet powerful, and carries much of the melody in the song. In fact, I would compare him to Robert Plant at times (most evident in the song “Occultism”). Leading back to the vocals carrying the melody, there aren’t really lyrics here, it’s just phonetics. Paul Chain can get away with this because his voice just does that much for the song.

It’s pretty apparent that the songs here are pretty simple in terms of structure. But this works very well for Paul Chain Violet Theater, as each song has it’s own voice due to the few riffs involved interacting with each other very well. In other words, although these songs are simple, they’re just well arranged. In addition to this, the guitar solos are astounding, and create a nice juxtaposition with the singing in terms of where the melody is in each song.

Another thing I find a appealing about this recording is the production. It’s not polished up, but it works well enough that every instrument is clearly there. It probably sounds just like if you were standing in a room with them jamming, no bullshit.

This EP alone made me appreciate what Paul Chain can do, and lead me to get into a lot of his other material. As I mentioned, if you don’t know where to start, this is a good place for what this Italian doom master has accomplished. A fantastic blend of 70’s psychedelic rock, heavy metal, and doom metal, “Detaching From Satan” will convince you in a mere 23 minutes that you have to hear more of this.


Sacramentary Abolishment - River of Corticone

1996, Catharsis Records

1. Commencement: Quodo's Lamentation Of Stratagem (5:40)
2. A Lull In The Proceedings (6:09)
3. Reassessment Of Preliminary Defensive Procedures (9:06)
4. The Occurence Of The Flashback Seizure (5:51)
5. Atk (6:41)
6. Triple Ley-Line Junction (3:00)
7. Nebulous Receptable (4:11)
8. Eruliaf (5:41)

Formed in the early 90's, Edmonton's Sacramentary Abolishment will go down as one of the most brutal black metal bands in Canada, mixing influences from death metal, war metal, and funeral doom metal. Their debut should not be missed by anyone that is into extreme metal.