Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Storm Of Light - And We Wept The Black Ocean Within

2008, Neurot Recordings

1. Adrift (1:48)
2. Vast & Endless (7:27)
3. Black Ocean (9:11)
4. Thunderhead (7:54)
5. Undertow (3:16)
6. Mass (8:05)
7. Leaden Tide (7:50)
8. Breach (2:06)
9. Descent (5:00)
10. Iron Heart (10:21)

A Storm of Light is a Doom Metal/Post-Rock band from New York City. The band was started by Josh Graham, who has been a longtime visual collaborator of the band Neurosis. Josh left the group Red Sparowes, of which he was a founding member to focus on Storm. The group is completed by bassist Domenic Seita (ex-Tombs) and drummers Vinny Signorelli (Unsane) and Pete Angevine (Satanized). "And We Wept The Black Ocean Within" is the first release and full length from A Storm Of Light.



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