Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lust - Genesis of a Satanic Race

2005, Blood Fire Death

2.Birth Of The Unconquerable One09:14
3.Oh Horror01:21
4.Storming Under Steel05:46
5.Genocide Bitch00:25
6.Spear Of Destiny06:19
7.Hymn To The Exhiled02:04
8.Iron Warfare05:27
9.On Beyond Andromeda Part II01:58
10.Portal To Cygnus - I Via Eydonia05:52
11.Nazi Occult Metal (Spear Of Longinus Cover)05:09

"Genesis of a Satanic Race" is not for weak minded "metal heads" who can't stomach extreme metal. This release is one of the most over the top, layered, and extreme records to ever come out of Canada. Even a seasoned metal fan will have to listen to it several times for it to make sense. Contained within the madness here is cleverly arranged songs, complex and dissonant riffs, and a truly violent performance. Lust certainly has all the elements of what a black metal record should be, and pushes everything to a new extreme. Listen to this and have your eardrums beaten to death!


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