Friday, December 25, 2009

Atomizer - The Only Weapon Of Choice

2003, Lycanthropic Fervour

1.Power, Not Participation02:29
2.And the Hunt Starts Again02:50
3.When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently05:04
4.The Campaign04:28
5.The War That Never Ended03:51
6.The Only Weapon of Choice03:43
8.One Man's Failure03:41
9.So Terrified, Yet in Control02:55
10.Join the Blackheart Reich03:34
11.For Blackness Absolute03:13
12.Sometimes They Hear the Bullet02:52
13.The Fog of War01:34

Fully titled "The Only Weapon of Choice - 13 Odes to Power, Decimation And Conquest", Atomizer deliver their dirty brand of blackened thrash metal that only an Australian band would be capable of delivering. This isn't your typical Destroyer 666 type of band, Atomizer certainly had a sound of their own, and this album is one of the highlights of their career. Check this out, it's a guaranteed rocker!


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