Friday, December 24, 2010

Autopsy - Acts of the Unspeakable (1992)

1992, Peaceville

2.Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium02:11
3.Your Rotting Face03:55
4.Blackness Within01:45
5.An Act of the Unspeakable02:25
6.Frozen With Fear00:31
7.Spinal Extractions00:21
8.Death Twitch02:13
10.Pus / Rot04:01
11.Battery Acid Enema01:47
14.Tortured Moans of Agony00:46
15.Ugliness and Secretions01:09
16.Orgy in Excrements01:57
18.Walls of the Coffin01:19

The third Autopsy album sees the band playing more with shorter song lengths and punkier influences in their doomy death metal. This album, like "Shitfun", has some of their most disturbing lyrical content, and much like that album, gets overlooked by many fans. Highly recommended death metal from the masters!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Autopsy - Shitfun (1995)

1995, Peaceville

2.Humiliate Your Corpse03:28
4.Praise the Children03:41
5.The Birthing02:12
6.Shit Eater02:33
8.I Sodomize Your Corpse03:40
10.Brain Damage01:17
11.Blood Orgy03:24
12.No More Hate02:02
13.Grave Violators04:47
14.Maim Rape Kill Rape05:04
15.I Shit on Your Grave00:42
16.An End to the Misery01:13
17.The 24 Public Mutilations03:10
18.Bathe in Fire01:42
19.Bowel Ripper01:11
20.Burnt to a Fuck03:46
21.Excremental Ecstasy03:16

Everyone always talks about the first two Autopsy full lengths, and often over look the last two the band put out before they originally broke up. Here we have their forth, and filthiest, album - "Shitfun". Here we see Autopsy wear their punk influences on their sleeve more than ever, while still retaining their death metal core with some doomy parts. Lyrically, this is probably the most disturbing Autopsy record, themed around sex, sadism, perversions, and death. Do not overlook this record! Personally, I feel Autopsy has never done a bad record, and this is no exception. Hail to one of the greatest death metal bands of all time!


Anti-Cimex - Criminal Trap (1986)

1986, Distraught

1. Prelude E-Minor (0:35)
2. Criminal Trap (3:14)
3. Time To? (1:35)
4. Make My Day (1:36)
5. Smell Of Silence (2:24)
6. Pain Killer (4:02)
7. Set Me Free (1:55)

Anti-Cimex were a cornerstone of the Scandinavian punk scene, influencing countless bands within and out of their genre. This was their biggest release at the time, a 12 inch mini-LP entitled "Criminal Trap". The songs here take the basic Discharge style of d-beat punk and make it that much more explosive and intense. Many young Swedish musicians took note of this mLP, whether they were playing death metal or hardcore punk. After Anti-Cimex broke up, some other important Swedish hardcore bands arose from the ashes, namely Wolfpack and Driller Killer.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Victims - Neverendinglasting (2001)

2001, Scorched Earth Policy

1. Victims - Rest Your Case (0:48)
2. Victims - Birth To Fall (0:37)
3. Victims - Gate Of Fear (1:30)
4. Victims - Rewind And Forward (0:37)
5. Victims - Lost (1:23)
6. Victims - It's Just Not Me (0:53)
7. Victims - Första (0:55)
8. Victims - Bloodspill (1:14)
9. Victims - Deny My Will (1:18)
10. Victims - Försent (1:38)
11. Victims - Människa, Maskin (1:49)
12. Victims - What's The Point What's The Meaning (0:28)
13. Victims - I Can't Stop (1:37)
14. Victims - Wasted (1:50)
15. Victims - My Revolution (1:45)

More Swedish d-beat/hardcore/crust, this time from Victims. You know what to expect with this kind of stuff - fast fucking songs played with intensity in that catchy Swedish vein. For fans of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, and all that good stuff. 18 minutes of pure fucking energy!


Mercy - King Doom (1989)

1989, Euro Records

1.Death's Company06:56
3.1953 - 198801:12
4.Black Magic05:55
5.Evil Prepares05:30
7.Heartbreak In Hell05:42
8.Sorrows - Darkness06:39

Do you like Candlemass? Sure you do! Maybe you've read about Mercy, Messiah's former band? Regardless if you have or not, Mercy is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of heavy metal with traditional doom influences. "King Doom" is Mercy's third album - so you won't find any future Candlemass singers here, but you will find some really catchy riffs, soaring vocals, and great use of melody. This record really sums up the 80's doom/heavy metal movement well, check it out if you're a fan of Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, or even if you just dig speed/power metal with great vocals, you won't be disappointed.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Discard - Sound of War (Discography)

(Bootleg, Pelea Records, 2007)

1. Discard - Intro + Resist And Exist (5:18)
2. Discard - Death Race (2:10)
3. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:23)
4. Discard - I Won't Surrender (1:45)
5. Discard - Never Ending Nightmare (2:06)
6. Discard - Four Minutes Past Midnight (1:51)
7. Discard - Nuclear War (2:11)
8. Discard - Why Should They Die? (2:02)
9. Discard - Nuclear Sunrise/the Final Dawn (1:48)
10. Discard - One Day (1:11)
11. Discard - Armed Revolution (2:28)
12. Discard - Lights Out (1:26)
13. Discard - Stand Up And Fight Back (1:07)
14. Discard - Fear + Outro (2:51)
15. Discard - Death From Above (2:12)
16. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:06)
17. Discard - Condemned To Oppression (2:29)
18. Discard - Death Race (1:34)
19. Discard - Survive (1:56)
20. Discard - Stand Up... (1:10)
21. Discard - One Day (1:30)
22. Discard - Blistering Light (1:59)
23. Discard - Fear (2:00)
24. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow (2:01)
25. Discard - Why... (1:58)
26. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:09)
27. Discard - Death From Above (2:13)
28. Discard - Fear (2:00)
29. Discard - Stand Up And Fight (1:09)
30. Discard - Condemned To Oppression (3:01)
31. Discard - Blistering Light (2:08)
32. Discard - Why Should They Die? (1:37)
33. Discard - Death Race (1:43)
34. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow (1:59)
35. Discard - Survive (1:56)
36. Discard - One Day (1:29)
37. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow Pt.2 (2:23)
38. Discard - Rehearsal 1985 (4:08)

A bootleg discography disc of Swedish d-beat band Discard. Expect nothing but raw, brutal Discharge worship. The guitar tone is noisy, the vocals are barked angrily, and the drums just pound away. Included on this compilation is the "Death From Above" EP, which rips copious amounts of ass. For fans for Discharge, Doom, and Anti-Cimex.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

At the Gates - The Red In The Sky Is Ours (1991)

1991, Deaf Records

1.The Red in the Sky Is Ours / The Season to Come04:41
2.Kingdom Gone04:40
3.Through Gardens of Grief04:03
6.Claws of Laughter Dead04:03
8.The Scar02:01
9.Night Comes, Blood Black05:16

Incredible death metal record from the early Swedish scene. These guys were radically different from many of their peers in the scene, making use of much more bizarre riffs and compositional approach. This is certainly their most complex offering, and a true classic. Many remember At The Gates for their last record, but this album is not as refined or as slick - it's brutal, ugly, and never tires.