Friday, December 24, 2010

Autopsy - Acts of the Unspeakable (1992)

1992, Peaceville

2.Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium02:11
3.Your Rotting Face03:55
4.Blackness Within01:45
5.An Act of the Unspeakable02:25
6.Frozen With Fear00:31
7.Spinal Extractions00:21
8.Death Twitch02:13
10.Pus / Rot04:01
11.Battery Acid Enema01:47
14.Tortured Moans of Agony00:46
15.Ugliness and Secretions01:09
16.Orgy in Excrements01:57
18.Walls of the Coffin01:19

The third Autopsy album sees the band playing more with shorter song lengths and punkier influences in their doomy death metal. This album, like "Shitfun", has some of their most disturbing lyrical content, and much like that album, gets overlooked by many fans. Highly recommended death metal from the masters!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Autopsy - Shitfun (1995)

1995, Peaceville

2.Humiliate Your Corpse03:28
4.Praise the Children03:41
5.The Birthing02:12
6.Shit Eater02:33
8.I Sodomize Your Corpse03:40
10.Brain Damage01:17
11.Blood Orgy03:24
12.No More Hate02:02
13.Grave Violators04:47
14.Maim Rape Kill Rape05:04
15.I Shit on Your Grave00:42
16.An End to the Misery01:13
17.The 24 Public Mutilations03:10
18.Bathe in Fire01:42
19.Bowel Ripper01:11
20.Burnt to a Fuck03:46
21.Excremental Ecstasy03:16

Everyone always talks about the first two Autopsy full lengths, and often over look the last two the band put out before they originally broke up. Here we have their forth, and filthiest, album - "Shitfun". Here we see Autopsy wear their punk influences on their sleeve more than ever, while still retaining their death metal core with some doomy parts. Lyrically, this is probably the most disturbing Autopsy record, themed around sex, sadism, perversions, and death. Do not overlook this record! Personally, I feel Autopsy has never done a bad record, and this is no exception. Hail to one of the greatest death metal bands of all time!


Anti-Cimex - Criminal Trap (1986)

1986, Distraught

1. Prelude E-Minor (0:35)
2. Criminal Trap (3:14)
3. Time To? (1:35)
4. Make My Day (1:36)
5. Smell Of Silence (2:24)
6. Pain Killer (4:02)
7. Set Me Free (1:55)

Anti-Cimex were a cornerstone of the Scandinavian punk scene, influencing countless bands within and out of their genre. This was their biggest release at the time, a 12 inch mini-LP entitled "Criminal Trap". The songs here take the basic Discharge style of d-beat punk and make it that much more explosive and intense. Many young Swedish musicians took note of this mLP, whether they were playing death metal or hardcore punk. After Anti-Cimex broke up, some other important Swedish hardcore bands arose from the ashes, namely Wolfpack and Driller Killer.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Victims - Neverendinglasting (2001)

2001, Scorched Earth Policy

1. Victims - Rest Your Case (0:48)
2. Victims - Birth To Fall (0:37)
3. Victims - Gate Of Fear (1:30)
4. Victims - Rewind And Forward (0:37)
5. Victims - Lost (1:23)
6. Victims - It's Just Not Me (0:53)
7. Victims - Första (0:55)
8. Victims - Bloodspill (1:14)
9. Victims - Deny My Will (1:18)
10. Victims - Försent (1:38)
11. Victims - Människa, Maskin (1:49)
12. Victims - What's The Point What's The Meaning (0:28)
13. Victims - I Can't Stop (1:37)
14. Victims - Wasted (1:50)
15. Victims - My Revolution (1:45)

More Swedish d-beat/hardcore/crust, this time from Victims. You know what to expect with this kind of stuff - fast fucking songs played with intensity in that catchy Swedish vein. For fans of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, and all that good stuff. 18 minutes of pure fucking energy!


Mercy - King Doom (1989)

1989, Euro Records

1.Death's Company06:56
3.1953 - 198801:12
4.Black Magic05:55
5.Evil Prepares05:30
7.Heartbreak In Hell05:42
8.Sorrows - Darkness06:39

Do you like Candlemass? Sure you do! Maybe you've read about Mercy, Messiah's former band? Regardless if you have or not, Mercy is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of heavy metal with traditional doom influences. "King Doom" is Mercy's third album - so you won't find any future Candlemass singers here, but you will find some really catchy riffs, soaring vocals, and great use of melody. This record really sums up the 80's doom/heavy metal movement well, check it out if you're a fan of Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, or even if you just dig speed/power metal with great vocals, you won't be disappointed.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Discard - Sound of War (Discography)

(Bootleg, Pelea Records, 2007)

1. Discard - Intro + Resist And Exist (5:18)
2. Discard - Death Race (2:10)
3. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:23)
4. Discard - I Won't Surrender (1:45)
5. Discard - Never Ending Nightmare (2:06)
6. Discard - Four Minutes Past Midnight (1:51)
7. Discard - Nuclear War (2:11)
8. Discard - Why Should They Die? (2:02)
9. Discard - Nuclear Sunrise/the Final Dawn (1:48)
10. Discard - One Day (1:11)
11. Discard - Armed Revolution (2:28)
12. Discard - Lights Out (1:26)
13. Discard - Stand Up And Fight Back (1:07)
14. Discard - Fear + Outro (2:51)
15. Discard - Death From Above (2:12)
16. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:06)
17. Discard - Condemned To Oppression (2:29)
18. Discard - Death Race (1:34)
19. Discard - Survive (1:56)
20. Discard - Stand Up... (1:10)
21. Discard - One Day (1:30)
22. Discard - Blistering Light (1:59)
23. Discard - Fear (2:00)
24. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow (2:01)
25. Discard - Why... (1:58)
26. Discard - Sounds Of War (2:09)
27. Discard - Death From Above (2:13)
28. Discard - Fear (2:00)
29. Discard - Stand Up And Fight (1:09)
30. Discard - Condemned To Oppression (3:01)
31. Discard - Blistering Light (2:08)
32. Discard - Why Should They Die? (1:37)
33. Discard - Death Race (1:43)
34. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow (1:59)
35. Discard - Survive (1:56)
36. Discard - One Day (1:29)
37. Discard - Take A Look At Tomorrow Pt.2 (2:23)
38. Discard - Rehearsal 1985 (4:08)

A bootleg discography disc of Swedish d-beat band Discard. Expect nothing but raw, brutal Discharge worship. The guitar tone is noisy, the vocals are barked angrily, and the drums just pound away. Included on this compilation is the "Death From Above" EP, which rips copious amounts of ass. For fans for Discharge, Doom, and Anti-Cimex.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

At the Gates - The Red In The Sky Is Ours (1991)

1991, Deaf Records

1.The Red in the Sky Is Ours / The Season to Come04:41
2.Kingdom Gone04:40
3.Through Gardens of Grief04:03
6.Claws of Laughter Dead04:03
8.The Scar02:01
9.Night Comes, Blood Black05:16

Incredible death metal record from the early Swedish scene. These guys were radically different from many of their peers in the scene, making use of much more bizarre riffs and compositional approach. This is certainly their most complex offering, and a true classic. Many remember At The Gates for their last record, but this album is not as refined or as slick - it's brutal, ugly, and never tires.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Begrime Exemioius - Impending Funeral of Man (2010)

2010, Dark Descent Records

"Begrime Exemious combines the best aspects of Demilich, Grand Belial's Key and even a little Argholsent to form their bulking brand of metal. The reason I think those bands are particularly apt as comparisons is because not only do they fit in terms of style and genre, but like those bands, Begrime Exemious is a unique, riff-first type of band. I am not sure about you, but when I think metal, my first thought is always the riffs - a surprisingly significant flaw of a lot of bands these days. But Begrime Exemious has riffs in abundance and a style that carefully balances subtle melody with hefty brutality and really sets them apart from a lot of other metal practitioners. " -

"Begrime Exemious combine thrashy d-beat drumming with death metal rhythm guitar and tons of heavy metal/hard rock solos -- sounds crazy, but it works! The non-stop avalanche of riffs give this record plenty of impact, and the varied lead work helps to make each song memorable. There are even some doomy breaks here and there; the slow parts lend this album an extra dose of evil atmosphere, a la mid-period Morbid Angel. The vocals are great as well: they're quite catchy, and delivered with tons of range, yet they absolutely drip with sickness!" -


Buy the album now from Dark Descent Records. It's $8 plus shipping, if you like what you hear, support!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doom - War Crimes (Inhuman Beings)

1988, Peaceville

1. Doom - Confusion (3:58)
2. Doom - Lifelock (1:33)
3. Doom - Slave To Convention (0:54)
4. Doom - A Dream To Come True (1:07)
5. Doom - Drowning In The Mainstream (1:58)
6. Doom - Same Mind (1:52)
7. Doom - Relief (1:14)
8. Doom - After The Bomb (1:28)
9. Doom - Stop-Gap-System (1:34)
10. Doom - Scared (2:18)
11. Doom - Sick Joke (2:34)
12. Doom - Natural Abuse (1:42)
13. Doom - Exploitation (1:48)
14. Doom - Beat The Boss (1:31)
15. Doom - Money Drug (1:33)
16. Doom - Fear Of The Future (2:00)
17. Doom - No Religion (2:01)
18. Doom - Phobia For Change (2:00)
19. Doom - Multinationals (1:54)
20. Doom - Obscenity (1:24)
21. Doom - War Crimes (2:04)

Hailing from the UK, Doom play d-beat/crust punk, heavily influenced by Discharge. These guys are more intense, noisier, and overall heavier than Discharge. This is their first full length, and proves why Doom is a staple band for fans of extreme punk.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Fleshcrawl - Descend Into The Absurd

1992, Black Mark

1.Between Shadows They Crawl02:32
2.Phrenetic Tendencies05:32
3.Perpetual Dawn06:42
4.Purulent Bowel Erosion05:11
5.Lost in a Grave07:05
6.Never to Die Again07:30
7.Festering Flesh06:44
8.Infected Subconscious06:25
9.Evoke the Excess06:56

Germany has had a few big death metal releases in the past couple years, such as Necros Christos and Excoriate. However, Fleshcrawl had already covered quite a lot of territory back in 1992 with their debut release. High speed death metal and slow crushing riffs intertwine to create a pulverizing record.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales + Emperor's Return

1984, Noise Records

1. Human Intro (0:41)
2. Into the Crypts of Rays (3:39)
3. Visions of Mortality (4:48)
4. Dethroned Emperor (4:38)
5. Morbid Tales (3:28)
6. Procreation of the Wicked (4:04)
7. Return to the Eve (4:07)
8. Danse Macabre (3:51)
9. Nocturnal Fear (3:38)
10. Circle of the Tyrants (4:28)
11. Visual Aggression (4:13)
12. Suicidal Winds (4:36)

Anyone who is searching for the roots of extreme metal has surely come across this release by Swiss legends Celtic Frost. What we have here primitive riffs, punk d-beats, all contained within a very morbid sounding atmosphere. This is an album that anyone into metal, hardcore, or punk should listen to, as it has elements that should appeal to all. Originally, this release was just an miniLP, but with the addition of "Emperor's Return" and some additional tracks from the "Morbid Tales" session, it becomes a full length. Don't miss this classic!


Voivod - Killing Technology

1987, FAD/Noise Records

1. Killing Technology (7:35)
2. Overreaction (4:46)
3. Tornado (6:05)
4. Too Scared To Scream (4:19)
5. Forgotten in Space (6:13)
6. Ravenous Medicine (4:23)
7. Order of The Blackguards (4:29)
8. This Is Not An Exercise (6:21)
9. Cockroaches (3:46)

The third album by Canadian chaos mongers Voivod is quite a gem, considering how they've gone beyond their previous Venom framework into something that transcends hardcore punk, metal, and the signature odd chords Voivod is so well known for. Each song here consists of a couple motifs interacting, before breaking down into a counterpoint, and building back up again. The core punk sounds remains in tact, so even when this album gets chaotic, you can still catch the rhythm and get into it. This album not only influenced death metal bands in the 90's like Gorguts and Martyr, but also hardcore bands looking to add more to their palette.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grief - Miserably Ever After

1996, Theologian Records

1. One Of Those Days (3:23)
2. Low Life (7:24)
3. Nuisance (5:54)
4. Angry Man (4:53)
5. Miserably Ever After (9:23)
6. Straight Edge - Closed Mind (6:20)
7. Why Should I Care (6:38)
8. I Hate The Human Race (2:30)
9. Trust (10:55)

Grief was founded in 1991 by Terry Savastano and drummer Randy Odierno of Disrupt. Grief’s sludgy doom metal brought extremely slow riffs to the metal underground. The band was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and doom warriors Saint Vitus. Grief’s music was jagged, noisy, harsh and brutally dissonant. Lead singer Jeff Hayward favored the sort of tortured, throat-shredding, screaming vocals that were quite common in death metal/black metal and grindcore, and that risk-taking combination of torturous vocals and slow, Sabbath-influenced riffs made Grief one of the more influential Sludge/Doom metal bands to emerge in the early ‘90s.

They broke up in 2001 mainly due to drummer problems - something that was an ongoing problem for the band from the start. They also cited what they called a “hostile environment for doom metal bands”. They reunited briefly in July 2005 to play a cluster of reunion shows.

The band had several 7”s including one with Dystopia and Corrupted each. A compilation album called Turbulent Times appeared in 2002 through Southern Lord. The group reunited for one show at the first annual New England Grind And Doom Fest on July 17, 2005 at The Middle East Cafe in Cambridge, MA. They were so excited by the response to this show that they began booking others, and they toured intermittently throughout 2005 and 2006.

In 2005, the band played shows through in venues including The Ace of Clubs and The Knitting Factory in New York, The Khyber in Philadelphia, O’Brien’s in Allston/Brighton, MA, The Living Room in Providence, RI, and Cherry St. Station in CT.

In 2006 Southern Lord Records released a full length live album called Alive which featured their performance at the Middle East in November 2005. The album features artwork by Eric C. Harrison, who did much of the band’s painted cover artwork.

Grief’s final appearance was at Emissions from the Monolith 8, a sludge/doom festival that took place in Ohio, May 2006.

The band reformed in 2008 and toured the United States and Europe, but they soon disbanded again in March 2009.


Om - Pilgrimage

2007, Southern Lord Records

1. Pilgrimage (10:33)
2. Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead (5:51)
3. Bhima's Theme (11:41)
4. Pilgrimage Reprise (4:15)

Pilgrimage is the third studio album by stoner doom band, Om. Lyrical themes address the processes of mind, psychic reality, astral and causal planes of being, and the nature of the soul. Pilgrimage was recorded and engineered by Steve Albini at his Electrial Audio studios in Chicago and produced by the band. Mastering was handled by Bob Weston (also of Shellac). Motifs that were initiated on the band’s previous album are continued here unabated. Of particular note is how much the song-writing has developed and in turn makes the dynamics of the songs much more intensely powerful. The present journey finds the band expanding their vision into new territories.


Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark

1987, Black Mark Productions

1. Nocturnal Obeisance (1:28)
2. Massacre (2:39)
3. Woman of Dark Desires (4:06)
4. Call from the Grave (4:53)
5. Equimanthorn (3:42)
6. Enter the Eternal Fire (6:58)
7. Chariots of Fire (2:47)
8. 13 Candles (5:17)
9. Of Doom (3:45)
10. Outro (0:25)

Bathory was a Swedish heavy metal band, formed by Quorthon in 1983. They are regarded as pioneers of both black metal and Viking metal. The band is named after the infamous Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory.

Under the Sign of the Black Mark is the third album by Bathory. It had a major influence on the black metal genre, specifically the Norwegian black metal scene that emerged in the early 1990s. The song "Woman of Dark Desires" is a tribute to the band's namesake, Elizabeth Báthory, and has become one of their most recognized early tracks. "Enter the Eternal Fire" was the band's first epic, reaching nearly seven minutes in length, and presaged the turn towards what would become known as Viking metal which Bathory would take on their next three records.



Earth - Extra-Capsular Extraction

1991, Sub Pop Records

1. A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 1 (7:23)
2. A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 2 (6:38)
3. Ouroboros Is Broken (18:19)

Extra-Capsular Extraction is the first official release by drone doom band Earth. Despite the length, it is an EP release. The 12" release puts both tracks of "A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge" together.

This is the only Earth release to feature Joe Preston (melvins, sunn o))), thrones) on bass.



Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me

1987, SST Records

1. Little Fury Things (3:07)
2. Kracked (2:51)
3. Sludgefest (5:17)
4. The Lung (3:51)
5. Raisans (3:51)
6. Tarpit (4:36)
7. In a Jar (3:29)
8. Lose (3:11)
9. Poledo (5:44)
10. Just Like Heaven (Bonus Track) (2:54)

Dinosaur Jr. is an American alternative rock, stoner rock, sludge band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984. Originally called Dinosaur prior to legal issues that forced the group to change their name, the band disbanded in 1997 until reuniting in 2005. Guitarist J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph were the band's founding and current members; Mascis has been the group's sole continuous member.

Their distinct sound, characterized by high gain, extensive use of feedback and distortion, and frontman J Mascis's melodic guitar solos, was highly influential in the alternative rock movement of the 1990s.

You're Living All Over Me is the second album by the American indie rock band Dinosaur Jr., released in 1987 on SST Records. The album was named after a line uttered by frontman J. Mascis while on tour with the band.

In 2005, it was ranked 31 in Spin's "100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005". "Poledo" is unique from the rest of the album in that half of it is a lo-fi recording of Lou Barlow singing and playing ukulele, much like his own group Sebadoh, while the other half is a collection of sound collages and abstract noise pieces.

The album was originally issued when the band were still known as Dinosaur, before a lawsuit forced the name change to Dinosaur Jr. The album was recalled by SST a few months after release, and new copies were printed crediting the band as Dinosaur Jr.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple

1994, Belphegot Records

1.Conqueror of the Mourningstar05:50
2.A Dream of an Astral Spectrum (To an Eternal Hate)07:09
3.Confessions and a Strange Anxiety06:28
4.Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper of the Moon)07:56
5.The Day of Liberation06:39
6.The Lonely Walker (My Pride and My Wrath)03:54
7.The Cosmos Within *05:21
8.Stair to Aspirations *05:40

The Chasm bring new meaning to the term "epic" with their unique brand of majestic death metal. Their debut shows much more of a doom influence than their later material would, and proves to be a desolate, eerie, and powerful album. The production is raw, but gives it some character, making it a bit more obvious that this is earlier in their career. They have always been noted for their involved songwriting and even here the songs have quite a lot going on in them. Give this well crafted album a listen.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Portal/Rites of thy Degringolade - The Sweyy/Our Dreadful Sphere (Split)

2004, Ancient Darkness Productions

Rites of thy Degringolade
2.Our Dreadful Sphere06:26
3.Dominions thrones and power05:01
4.The Sweyy05:05

Split from Canada's Rites of thy Degringolade and Australia's Portal. Rites delivers some fast black metal with some of their most impressive guitar work in their discography, and Portal plays their bizarre brand of death metal. These bands really compliment each other with their different approaches to making demented metal. A classic!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn

2010, Nuclear War Now! Productions

1.The Abyssal Sanhedrin05:30
2.Aesoth Paradigm04:32
3.Disturb the Furthest Stars03:38
4.Swarm Intelligentsia04:45

Kerasphorus is a new death/black metal band featuring the thunderous bass work and vile throat of Pete Helmkamp (Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Revenge), the militant drumming of James Read (Revenge, Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Cremation) and a guitarist who delivers some brutal riffs. Maniacs who want to hear the elements of the bands these other guys have been in thrown together with some death metal riffing, this will do the trick.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Immolation - Majesty and Decay

2010, Nuclear Blast Records

2.The Purge03:18
3.A Token of Malice02:41
4.Majesty and Decay04:29
5.Divine Code03:38
6.In Human Form04:04
7.A Glorious Epoch04:37
9.A Thunderous Consequence03:58
10.The Rapture of Ghosts05:19
11.Power and Shame03:44
12.The Comfort of Cowards05:52

Immolation have been going hard with their unique brand of death metal since the mid 80's. Their latest offering proves to be one of their best records in years. Where many fans have critiqued "Harnessing Ruin" for it's simple song structures and "Shadows In The Light" for it's hollow/modern production, "Majesty and Decay" takes us back to the albums preceding those ones, both in the song writing department and production. Trademark Immolation riffs roll out with their unique sense of rhythm and bizarrely evil touch of melody.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grinning Death's Head - No Afterlife

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Intro (3:10)
2. Mortal Coil (2:42)
3. Carrion (3:18)
4. Heir to the Throne (1:56)
5. Will to Die (2:57)
6. Affliction (1:59)
7. Everyday (2:31)
8. Ichor (1:54)
9. Endless Night (2:11)
10. High Hopes (2:59)
11. The Fold (3:14)
12. Six Feet (1:55)
13. God is Dead (4:14)

Jackboot Black Metal marching to war in a furious showdown. Brimming and violent haze of distorted warfare, oi-stylings and crack skull swamp beasts. Deranged and limited like the victories of old, a black metal siren of war.

Death is a sentient and responsive shadow. To stand in his presence one must be a willing empath for immersion in his essence. Those who seek shall find life and death merge in a continuity of purpose, like blue streaks in a black sky. Proceed: for beyond this converging twilight lies a profound remembrance of the things you have seen, the places you have been, the tears you have drowned in. It is easy to get caught up.


California Love - Reaping The Whirlwind

2007, Youth Attack Records

1. Inherit The Earth (0:25)
2. Human Unkind (0:34)
3. Under the Crosses (1:27)
4. Aversion Therapy (0:47)
5. Inflictor (0:28)
6. Stumble to Failure (2:38)
7. Approaching Oblivion (2:13)
8. Of Flesh (0:24)
9. Legacy (0:48)
10. Wolf Feast (2:33)

California Love is a Fast and furious hardcore band in the vein of Heresy, Ripcord or Mind Eraser with members of Dead and Gone, Talk Is Poison and Look Back and Laugh.

An ugly, undulating wreck exploding from all sides, this is not music but an assault to annihilate everything in it's path. On their second effort, California Love plow through ten tracks like a Mack truck, switching tempos from a painful gut wrenching crawl to a blinding blast with a masterful precision to leave the listener completely bewildered and senseless. The cover art says it all.


Aerosols 12" + 7"

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Blowback (0:49)
2. Niche Market (0:30)
3. I'm Not Sick (0:29)
4. God Is USA's Terrorist (1:38)
5. The Weird Turn Pro (0:29)
6. Presidential Pardon (0:27)
7. Separate But Equal, Still Fucking (0:55)
8. Settle For Hell (1:31)
9. Fuck The Singularity (0:33)
10. Not A Fucking Killer (0:21)
11. Proud Americans (0:33)
12. Afterthought (0:51)
13. Obsessive Thought Patterns (0:30)
14. You're Wrong (0:59)
15. Mahmoudiya - You (0:25)
16. Credible Threat (0:20)
17. Clean (0:21)
18. Trampled (0:24)
19. 01-01-2009 Oakland (0:51)

A Western Massachusetts hardcore supergroup that barely exists, yet covertly exerts a ruinous influence upon your life. Best known for their scarce, pricey, short vinyl releases courtesy of New York’s Youth Attack Records and the occasional live disaster, this four-piece exercises all the intricacy and emotional sensitivity of a pandemic. Members can also be found wasting their time in ensembles such as Ampere and Wasteland.


The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream

2006, Youth Attack Records

1. Let's Get Blacklisted (0:33)
2. WWUD (0:25)
3. Boston Blow (0:41)
4. Fuck It (0:36)
5. 9021 Oi! (0:39)
6. XY Zoo (0:40)
7. Enough Already (0:37)
8. T.I.E. It Down (0:29)
9. Q & A (1:05)
10. Dead F'n Air (0:38)
11. The Possible Dream (0:44)
12. Let's Get Excited (1:32)
13. Face Disaster (0:33)
14. D.I.W.H.Y. (0:39)
15. The Real Thing (0:29)
16. Punks With Dogs (0:26)
17. Escape Velocity (0:26)
18. |Cancer + Kids|= (_) (1:51)
19. Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating! (2:09)

These Western Mass outcasts with a predilection for Godzilla, Mr. T, and the Red Sox dwelt in a world where fame meant nothing and tangible politics had little to do anything found in a filthy squat. After releasing a promising split ep with Malay and playing at most two live shows, these guys disappeared back into their garage, tightened their sound, and wrote 50 songs. Represented here are the best 19 of that lot, a record so musically solid and consistent that it has claimed the throne for the loudest, most devastating LP in the galaxy. For those who may have lapsed on their note taking, THE CANCER KIDS is ex-members of the legendary cult BUCKET FULL OF TEETH, and was produced by genious Will Killingsworth of ORCHID/BUCKET FULL OF TEETH/AMPERE glory. A masterpiece years in the making.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse

2008, Razorback Records

1.Rotting Rampage (Menace of the Skeletal Dead)05:20
2.Fulfill the Curse06:55
3.Grasp of the Beastwoman06:41
4.Laboratory of Nightmares06:10
5.Beauty and The Feast07:01
6.The Eyeless Horde05:51
7.The Love Song of Gotho, Hunchback of the Morgue05:44
8.Arcane Epitaph05:43
9.Theme From Manhattan Baby03:07

This Finnish band has made waves with their debut album, and for good reason - it takes influence from early 90's death/doom greats like Winter, Autopsy, Paradise Lost, etc, and adds in a hint of Candlemass-esque melodies. The result is pretty astounding, and truly satisfying for any fan of old school death/doom!


Necrony - Pathological Performances

1993, Poserslaughter Records

1.Rigor Mortis Sets In01:30
2.Dexterous Embryectomy04:42
3.Submassive Necrosis Disgorgement04:38
4.Gynopathological Excav-Eater03:54
5.Accumulation Of Exudate04:15
6.Ocular Obliteration06:11
7.Pro-Rectal Carnage03:50
8.Excavated, Eviscerated And Emaciated04:37
9.Effervescing Discharge of Putrescent Corpulence03:25
10.The Squirming Worms06:25
11.Acute Pyencephalus And Cerebral Decomposure07:08
12.Funeral Ferocity02:05

Necrony was a death metal band from Sweden, and featured members who would later form grind legends Nasum. Necrony displays more of the technical playing of these young Swedes, and is comparable to Carcass (Symphonies/Necroticism era) mixed with their peers in Swedish death metal (Carnage, Entombed, etc). Goregrind, technical death metal, and Nasum fans alike are urged to hear this if they haven't yet.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anael - From Arcane Fires

2008, Paragon Records

1.Devil's Tongues12:06
2.She is ever a Moon06:04
3.Down Winding Stairs10:01
4.Blood & Honey05:29
5.Song of the Moth09:59
6.All Souls' Night10:31

Germany’s Anael have certainly come a long way since their initial Samael-heavy sound. Only previously hearing 2003’s split with Lust previously, I was not prepared for “From Arcane Fires”, although I was well informed how much the band’s style had evolved. Anael play a much richer, more textured, and more varied style of black metal than they ever have before.

One could argue that this is similar to where bands like Alcest are going, playing shoegaze with a black metal tinge. This is quite the opposite. “From Arcane Fires” may appear to have some softer moments, but the actual riff phrasing, melodies, and overall atmosphere are stunningly sinister. Not only that, it was recorded live - so this isn’t overdubbed to hell with sappy effects. In other words, Anael trumps a lot of bands that try to add some sort of shoegaze influence.

Compared to “On Wings of Mercury”, the faster, more abrupt predecessor to this record, Anael has really let their songs breath more, and have benefited greatly in the songwriting department due to this. Each song has its own dynamics to it, interacting in interesting catch-and-release patterns. “She Is Ever A Moon”, for example, has traces of their Samael influence still with parts of droning simplicity, but keep it fresh in their own sound.

Much of Anael’s unique sound has much to do with their phrasing techniques. The melodies have a lot in common with middle eastern or other exotic scales, and Anael use this to their advantage to create a very eerie atmosphere, as seen in “Down Winding Stairs” where they are used to build up to aggressive blast beat sections. This song alone has some of the most stand out riffs on the record, even including some fantastic bass work to boot.

The production on this recording is very organic and natural sounding. As I mentioned, it was recorded live, so there’s no real bullshit here. You can make out the bass lines quite easily, the guitars are at a relaxed place in the mix, and the drums sound as if you were standing there. For the style achieved here, the live production fits perfectly - even if it’s warm for a black metal album.

Anael have made a real standout record, and it manages to stay evil and avoid the pitfalls that many other bands trying to add some progressive elements to their black metal fall into (ie: Nachtmystium). The key is in the arrangements, and “From Arcane Fires” contains some finely composed tunes. I will certainly be keeping my eye on them as they’ve proven to progress in an interesting way.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleep - Volume One

1991, Tupelo Records

1. Stillborn (6:18)
2. The Suffering (5:12)
3. Numb (3:30)
4. Anguish (5:37)
5. Catatonic (6:04)
6. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (4:47)
7. The Wall of Yawn (5:32)
8. Prey (3:46)
9. Scourge (5:02)

Volume One is the debut album by the stoner doom band, Sleep. It was the only album recorded with original guitarist Justin Marler, before he became an Orthodox monk. Volume One showcases a darker sound and stronger doom metal influence than Sleep's later work. The image featured on the cover is taken from the Salvador Dali painting "Soft Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon".



Wiht - Self Titled EP

2009, DIY

1. Into Ruin (16:20)
2. ...And The Thunder Rolls (9:14)
3. Vasta (16:26)

Wiht are a brand new stoner doom outfit from Leeds and present their first offering in the form of Into ruin, …And the thunder rolls and Vasta. Bleary eyed grooves and bludgeoning pessimistic peaks combined with the ever present quest for the holy riff culminates in a tasty yet filthy pie of its own pedigree.

Over 40 minutes of slow, atmospheric, minimalistic music for fans of Sleep, Earth, Neurosis, and Pelican



Noothgrush - Erode The Person

2006, Throne Records

1. A People Defeated Will Never Be United (5:27)
2. Made Uncomfortable By Others Pain (3:58)
3. Flee From Hunger & Disease (2:18)
4. Diseased Mammal (3:41)
5. Stagnance (4:35)
6. Deterioration (9:03)
7. Oil Removed (3:29)
8. The Slave (5:27)
9. Erode The Person (10:47)
10. Hatred For The Species (5:58)
11. Draize (13:52)
12. Starvation (5:12)
13. Strawberry Shortcake And Friends Holding Hands And Going Around the Gazebo with Custard and Pupcake Watching (0:10)

Noothgrush is a sludge/doom band formed in early 1994 around San Jose, California, USA. Lyrically, they are heavily focused on self-hatred, general misanthropy and Star Wars.

The band name is a reference to the Dr. Seuss book “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”, where a “noothgrush” appears annoyingly on the main character’s toothbrush.

Noothgrush went on a hiatus in 2001. They briefly resurfaced in 2006, but have now officially called it quits.


Deceased - Luck of the Corpse

1991, Relapse Records

1.Fading Survival02:59
2.The Cemetary's Full03:03
3.Experimenting With Failure02:25
4.Futuristic Doom03:20
5.Haunted Cerebellum02:55
6.Decrepit Coma03:07
7.Shrieks From The Hearse03:24
8.Psychedelic Warriors05:15
9.Feasting On Skulls03:39
10.Birth By Radiation04:20

Here is Deceased's first full length offering, and their most death metal oriented release, before they started adding more heavy metal elements to their music. This album is really barbaric and blunt, but contains some really great songs that have punk-esque hooks that are sure to remain in your head (see: "Haunted Cerebellum").



2005, Relapse Records

Disc 1
1.The Tree of Life and Death10:25
2.Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory07:40
4.Nightside of Eden02:39
5.A Burial at Ornans14:38
6.The Spirits of the Tall Hills09:22
7.Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores10:06
Disc 2
1.The Tree of Life and Death09:21
2.A Burial at Ornans12:03
3.Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores08:29
4.Extracted Nails03:49
5.Intro - Mourning September02:00
6.Impoverished Filth06:49
7.Extracted Nails03:18
8.Thou Messiah08:26

This is a 2CD compilation outlining the career of Australia's diSEMBOWELMENT. Along with Thergothon and Winter, diSEMBOWELMENT were at the forefront of the extreme death/doom scene in the early 90's. Unlike their peers, diSEMBOWELMENT wrote really dynamic songs, ranging from blasting grindcore, slow crawls, and even vocal chants. Disc 1 contains their 1993 full length "Transcending Into The Peripheral", while disc 2 contains EP and demo material. This is essential!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Convulse - World Without God

1992, Thrash Records

2.World Without God04:55
3.Putrid Intercourse03:22
4.Incantation of Restoration03:45
5.Blasphemous Verses04:28
6.False Religion04:46
7.Resuscitation of Evilness03:45
8.Infernal End03:34
9.Godless Truth03:00
10.Powerstruggle of Belief04:01

For the third installment of my Finnish death metal craze comes Convulse. Simply put, these guys are fucking brutal. Relapse Records is reissuing this CD next month, so if you haven't heard this classic, hear it now, and then buy the damned thing!


Disciples of Power - Powertrap

1989, Fringe Records

1.Shades of Grey04:40
3.Ice Demons04:04
4.Slave to No One03:18
6.Night of the Priest03:24
8.Hidden Worlds03:08

Disciples of Power was one of the first, if not the first extreme metal band to come out of Edmonton. Their debut, "Powertrap", is a fine display of technical thrash metal. They got a lot more death metal oriented and increased their technical prowess on later records, but it all starts here. This upload also includes two bonus tracks, "Disciples of Power", and one of my favourite songs, "Bitch of Doom".


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Demilich - Nespithe

1993, Necropolis

1.When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water03:43
2.The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)03:29
3.Inherited Bowel Levitation - Reduced Without Any Effort03:22
4.The Echo (Replacement)04:27
5.The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity (...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness...)02:40
6.(Within) The Chamber of Whispering Eyes04:12
7.And You'll Remain... (In Pieces in Nothingness)03:12
9.The Planet That Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh That It Desired...)03:17
10.The Cry03:42
11.Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep03:42

More Finnish death metal, this time from the great Demilich. If you've ever read about technical death metal, this album is sure to pop up. Their only full length to be recorded, Demilich uses a lot of weird rhythms and phrasings in their riffs, as well Carcass-esque low end vocals.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Purtenance - Member of Immortal Damnation

1992, Drowned

2.Black Vision05:17
3.Deep Blue Darkness03:31
4.Lacus Somniorum01:29
5.The Lost Memories05:24
6.A Dark Cloud Arises04:06
7.In the Misty Morning04:47
8.Reality isn't Disappeared05:16
9.Misery of the Rebirth03:37
10.Crown Waits the Immortal03:45

I've been on a real Finnish death metal kick lately, and this band has certainly been one of the best discoveries I've made more recently. The riffs here are fucking brutal, and the vocals add to that brutality. It sounds similar to Craig Pillard in his Disciples of Mockery years, actually. One of the guitarists was in Convulse, another great Finnish death metal band. This was recently reissued on vinyl, so get the mp3s if you missed it.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Om - Conference of the Birds

2006, Holy Mountain Records

1. At Giza (15:52)
2. Flight of the Eagle (17:27)

Om is a duo formed in 2003 by the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner doom metal band, Sleep. The band's first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass, and Chris Hakius on drums.

Their music is similar in structure to Tibetan chanting and is rich in rhythm and melody. Their music and lyrics lift off at the beginning and slowly mutate giving a feeling of evolution inside each song. The vocals have a monotone quality, producing, on some tracks, a noticeable hypnotic effect of the sort that tends to be appealing to the devotees of the many various genres of druggishly-bent, “space” music—but which not all music calling itself “stoner rock” necessarily is able to cause. In December 2007, the band performed in Jerusalem, their performance lasting over five hours in duration.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pentemple - O))) Presents...

2008, Southern Lord Records

1. Pazuzu 1 (22:28)
2. Pazuzu 2 (20:06)

This group performed on Tuesday 8th May 2007 at The Toff in Town, Melbourne, Australia. It was a one-off improv performance the day before a Sunn O))) & Boris show.

In May of 2007 Sunn O))) embarked on a Pacific Rim tour that included performances in Australia and Japan. The line-up for this tour included the core Sunn O))) duo: Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley plus T.O.S. on Moog, Oren Ambarchi (analogue effects and supplemental guitar) and vocalist Attila Csihar. Upon arrival in Melbourne, Australia, Sunn O))) invited one of their favourite black metal artists: Sin Nanna of Striborg to collaborate with them during their show. This unholy meeting went over very well and the inaugural ritual was a warm-up gig at the Toft in Town club one evening before the larger gig at the Hi-Fi Bar (with brethren: Boris).

The results of this collaboration was a completely improvisational, vicious audio and visual assault on the sold out, standing room only audience! This was among the first time that Sunn O))) had worked with live drums and the outcome was completely unprecedented. The whole event was recorded live to 24-track/multi-track. Afterwards Oren Ambarchi edited, sequenced and overhauled the EQ to make it as brutal as possible. This blackened low-end psychedelic war is not for the faint of heart!