Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple

1994, Belphegot Records

1.Conqueror of the Mourningstar05:50
2.A Dream of an Astral Spectrum (To an Eternal Hate)07:09
3.Confessions and a Strange Anxiety06:28
4.Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper of the Moon)07:56
5.The Day of Liberation06:39
6.The Lonely Walker (My Pride and My Wrath)03:54
7.The Cosmos Within *05:21
8.Stair to Aspirations *05:40

The Chasm bring new meaning to the term "epic" with their unique brand of majestic death metal. Their debut shows much more of a doom influence than their later material would, and proves to be a desolate, eerie, and powerful album. The production is raw, but gives it some character, making it a bit more obvious that this is earlier in their career. They have always been noted for their involved songwriting and even here the songs have quite a lot going on in them. Give this well crafted album a listen.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Portal/Rites of thy Degringolade - The Sweyy/Our Dreadful Sphere (Split)

2004, Ancient Darkness Productions

Rites of thy Degringolade
2.Our Dreadful Sphere06:26
3.Dominions thrones and power05:01
4.The Sweyy05:05

Split from Canada's Rites of thy Degringolade and Australia's Portal. Rites delivers some fast black metal with some of their most impressive guitar work in their discography, and Portal plays their bizarre brand of death metal. These bands really compliment each other with their different approaches to making demented metal. A classic!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn

2010, Nuclear War Now! Productions

1.The Abyssal Sanhedrin05:30
2.Aesoth Paradigm04:32
3.Disturb the Furthest Stars03:38
4.Swarm Intelligentsia04:45

Kerasphorus is a new death/black metal band featuring the thunderous bass work and vile throat of Pete Helmkamp (Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Revenge), the militant drumming of James Read (Revenge, Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Cremation) and a guitarist who delivers some brutal riffs. Maniacs who want to hear the elements of the bands these other guys have been in thrown together with some death metal riffing, this will do the trick.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Immolation - Majesty and Decay

2010, Nuclear Blast Records

2.The Purge03:18
3.A Token of Malice02:41
4.Majesty and Decay04:29
5.Divine Code03:38
6.In Human Form04:04
7.A Glorious Epoch04:37
9.A Thunderous Consequence03:58
10.The Rapture of Ghosts05:19
11.Power and Shame03:44
12.The Comfort of Cowards05:52

Immolation have been going hard with their unique brand of death metal since the mid 80's. Their latest offering proves to be one of their best records in years. Where many fans have critiqued "Harnessing Ruin" for it's simple song structures and "Shadows In The Light" for it's hollow/modern production, "Majesty and Decay" takes us back to the albums preceding those ones, both in the song writing department and production. Trademark Immolation riffs roll out with their unique sense of rhythm and bizarrely evil touch of melody.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grinning Death's Head - No Afterlife

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Intro (3:10)
2. Mortal Coil (2:42)
3. Carrion (3:18)
4. Heir to the Throne (1:56)
5. Will to Die (2:57)
6. Affliction (1:59)
7. Everyday (2:31)
8. Ichor (1:54)
9. Endless Night (2:11)
10. High Hopes (2:59)
11. The Fold (3:14)
12. Six Feet (1:55)
13. God is Dead (4:14)

Jackboot Black Metal marching to war in a furious showdown. Brimming and violent haze of distorted warfare, oi-stylings and crack skull swamp beasts. Deranged and limited like the victories of old, a black metal siren of war.

Death is a sentient and responsive shadow. To stand in his presence one must be a willing empath for immersion in his essence. Those who seek shall find life and death merge in a continuity of purpose, like blue streaks in a black sky. Proceed: for beyond this converging twilight lies a profound remembrance of the things you have seen, the places you have been, the tears you have drowned in. It is easy to get caught up.


California Love - Reaping The Whirlwind

2007, Youth Attack Records

1. Inherit The Earth (0:25)
2. Human Unkind (0:34)
3. Under the Crosses (1:27)
4. Aversion Therapy (0:47)
5. Inflictor (0:28)
6. Stumble to Failure (2:38)
7. Approaching Oblivion (2:13)
8. Of Flesh (0:24)
9. Legacy (0:48)
10. Wolf Feast (2:33)

California Love is a Fast and furious hardcore band in the vein of Heresy, Ripcord or Mind Eraser with members of Dead and Gone, Talk Is Poison and Look Back and Laugh.

An ugly, undulating wreck exploding from all sides, this is not music but an assault to annihilate everything in it's path. On their second effort, California Love plow through ten tracks like a Mack truck, switching tempos from a painful gut wrenching crawl to a blinding blast with a masterful precision to leave the listener completely bewildered and senseless. The cover art says it all.


Aerosols 12" + 7"

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Blowback (0:49)
2. Niche Market (0:30)
3. I'm Not Sick (0:29)
4. God Is USA's Terrorist (1:38)
5. The Weird Turn Pro (0:29)
6. Presidential Pardon (0:27)
7. Separate But Equal, Still Fucking (0:55)
8. Settle For Hell (1:31)
9. Fuck The Singularity (0:33)
10. Not A Fucking Killer (0:21)
11. Proud Americans (0:33)
12. Afterthought (0:51)
13. Obsessive Thought Patterns (0:30)
14. You're Wrong (0:59)
15. Mahmoudiya - You (0:25)
16. Credible Threat (0:20)
17. Clean (0:21)
18. Trampled (0:24)
19. 01-01-2009 Oakland (0:51)

A Western Massachusetts hardcore supergroup that barely exists, yet covertly exerts a ruinous influence upon your life. Best known for their scarce, pricey, short vinyl releases courtesy of New York’s Youth Attack Records and the occasional live disaster, this four-piece exercises all the intricacy and emotional sensitivity of a pandemic. Members can also be found wasting their time in ensembles such as Ampere and Wasteland.


The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream

2006, Youth Attack Records

1. Let's Get Blacklisted (0:33)
2. WWUD (0:25)
3. Boston Blow (0:41)
4. Fuck It (0:36)
5. 9021 Oi! (0:39)
6. XY Zoo (0:40)
7. Enough Already (0:37)
8. T.I.E. It Down (0:29)
9. Q & A (1:05)
10. Dead F'n Air (0:38)
11. The Possible Dream (0:44)
12. Let's Get Excited (1:32)
13. Face Disaster (0:33)
14. D.I.W.H.Y. (0:39)
15. The Real Thing (0:29)
16. Punks With Dogs (0:26)
17. Escape Velocity (0:26)
18. |Cancer + Kids|= (_) (1:51)
19. Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating! (2:09)

These Western Mass outcasts with a predilection for Godzilla, Mr. T, and the Red Sox dwelt in a world where fame meant nothing and tangible politics had little to do anything found in a filthy squat. After releasing a promising split ep with Malay and playing at most two live shows, these guys disappeared back into their garage, tightened their sound, and wrote 50 songs. Represented here are the best 19 of that lot, a record so musically solid and consistent that it has claimed the throne for the loudest, most devastating LP in the galaxy. For those who may have lapsed on their note taking, THE CANCER KIDS is ex-members of the legendary cult BUCKET FULL OF TEETH, and was produced by genious Will Killingsworth of ORCHID/BUCKET FULL OF TEETH/AMPERE glory. A masterpiece years in the making.