Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Immolation - Majesty and Decay

2010, Nuclear Blast Records

2.The Purge03:18
3.A Token of Malice02:41
4.Majesty and Decay04:29
5.Divine Code03:38
6.In Human Form04:04
7.A Glorious Epoch04:37
9.A Thunderous Consequence03:58
10.The Rapture of Ghosts05:19
11.Power and Shame03:44
12.The Comfort of Cowards05:52

Immolation have been going hard with their unique brand of death metal since the mid 80's. Their latest offering proves to be one of their best records in years. Where many fans have critiqued "Harnessing Ruin" for it's simple song structures and "Shadows In The Light" for it's hollow/modern production, "Majesty and Decay" takes us back to the albums preceding those ones, both in the song writing department and production. Trademark Immolation riffs roll out with their unique sense of rhythm and bizarrely evil touch of melody.


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