Tuesday, February 2, 2010

California Love - Reaping The Whirlwind

2007, Youth Attack Records

1. Inherit The Earth (0:25)
2. Human Unkind (0:34)
3. Under the Crosses (1:27)
4. Aversion Therapy (0:47)
5. Inflictor (0:28)
6. Stumble to Failure (2:38)
7. Approaching Oblivion (2:13)
8. Of Flesh (0:24)
9. Legacy (0:48)
10. Wolf Feast (2:33)

California Love is a Fast and furious hardcore band in the vein of Heresy, Ripcord or Mind Eraser with members of Dead and Gone, Talk Is Poison and Look Back and Laugh.

An ugly, undulating wreck exploding from all sides, this is not music but an assault to annihilate everything in it's path. On their second effort, California Love plow through ten tracks like a Mack truck, switching tempos from a painful gut wrenching crawl to a blinding blast with a masterful precision to leave the listener completely bewildered and senseless. The cover art says it all.



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