Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grinning Death's Head - No Afterlife

2009, Youth Attack Records

1. Intro (3:10)
2. Mortal Coil (2:42)
3. Carrion (3:18)
4. Heir to the Throne (1:56)
5. Will to Die (2:57)
6. Affliction (1:59)
7. Everyday (2:31)
8. Ichor (1:54)
9. Endless Night (2:11)
10. High Hopes (2:59)
11. The Fold (3:14)
12. Six Feet (1:55)
13. God is Dead (4:14)

Jackboot Black Metal marching to war in a furious showdown. Brimming and violent haze of distorted warfare, oi-stylings and crack skull swamp beasts. Deranged and limited like the victories of old, a black metal siren of war.

Death is a sentient and responsive shadow. To stand in his presence one must be a willing empath for immersion in his essence. Those who seek shall find life and death merge in a continuity of purpose, like blue streaks in a black sky. Proceed: for beyond this converging twilight lies a profound remembrance of the things you have seen, the places you have been, the tears you have drowned in. It is easy to get caught up.



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