Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple

1994, Belphegot Records

1.Conqueror of the Mourningstar05:50
2.A Dream of an Astral Spectrum (To an Eternal Hate)07:09
3.Confessions and a Strange Anxiety06:28
4.Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper of the Moon)07:56
5.The Day of Liberation06:39
6.The Lonely Walker (My Pride and My Wrath)03:54
7.The Cosmos Within *05:21
8.Stair to Aspirations *05:40

The Chasm bring new meaning to the term "epic" with their unique brand of majestic death metal. Their debut shows much more of a doom influence than their later material would, and proves to be a desolate, eerie, and powerful album. The production is raw, but gives it some character, making it a bit more obvious that this is earlier in their career. They have always been noted for their involved songwriting and even here the songs have quite a lot going on in them. Give this well crafted album a listen.


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