Saturday, March 13, 2010

Voivod - Killing Technology

1987, FAD/Noise Records

1. Killing Technology (7:35)
2. Overreaction (4:46)
3. Tornado (6:05)
4. Too Scared To Scream (4:19)
5. Forgotten in Space (6:13)
6. Ravenous Medicine (4:23)
7. Order of The Blackguards (4:29)
8. This Is Not An Exercise (6:21)
9. Cockroaches (3:46)

The third album by Canadian chaos mongers Voivod is quite a gem, considering how they've gone beyond their previous Venom framework into something that transcends hardcore punk, metal, and the signature odd chords Voivod is so well known for. Each song here consists of a couple motifs interacting, before breaking down into a counterpoint, and building back up again. The core punk sounds remains in tact, so even when this album gets chaotic, you can still catch the rhythm and get into it. This album not only influenced death metal bands in the 90's like Gorguts and Martyr, but also hardcore bands looking to add more to their palette.


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