Saturday, March 6, 2010

Om - Pilgrimage

2007, Southern Lord Records

1. Pilgrimage (10:33)
2. Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead (5:51)
3. Bhima's Theme (11:41)
4. Pilgrimage Reprise (4:15)

Pilgrimage is the third studio album by stoner doom band, Om. Lyrical themes address the processes of mind, psychic reality, astral and causal planes of being, and the nature of the soul. Pilgrimage was recorded and engineered by Steve Albini at his Electrial Audio studios in Chicago and produced by the band. Mastering was handled by Bob Weston (also of Shellac). Motifs that were initiated on the band’s previous album are continued here unabated. Of particular note is how much the song-writing has developed and in turn makes the dynamics of the songs much more intensely powerful. The present journey finds the band expanding their vision into new territories.


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