Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anti-Cimex - Criminal Trap (1986)

1986, Distraught

1. Prelude E-Minor (0:35)
2. Criminal Trap (3:14)
3. Time To? (1:35)
4. Make My Day (1:36)
5. Smell Of Silence (2:24)
6. Pain Killer (4:02)
7. Set Me Free (1:55)

Anti-Cimex were a cornerstone of the Scandinavian punk scene, influencing countless bands within and out of their genre. This was their biggest release at the time, a 12 inch mini-LP entitled "Criminal Trap". The songs here take the basic Discharge style of d-beat punk and make it that much more explosive and intense. Many young Swedish musicians took note of this mLP, whether they were playing death metal or hardcore punk. After Anti-Cimex broke up, some other important Swedish hardcore bands arose from the ashes, namely Wolfpack and Driller Killer.


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