Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deceased - Luck of the Corpse

1991, Relapse Records

1.Fading Survival02:59
2.The Cemetary's Full03:03
3.Experimenting With Failure02:25
4.Futuristic Doom03:20
5.Haunted Cerebellum02:55
6.Decrepit Coma03:07
7.Shrieks From The Hearse03:24
8.Psychedelic Warriors05:15
9.Feasting On Skulls03:39
10.Birth By Radiation04:20

Here is Deceased's first full length offering, and their most death metal oriented release, before they started adding more heavy metal elements to their music. This album is really barbaric and blunt, but contains some really great songs that have punk-esque hooks that are sure to remain in your head (see: "Haunted Cerebellum").


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