Friday, October 29, 2010

Begrime Exemioius - Impending Funeral of Man (2010)

2010, Dark Descent Records

"Begrime Exemious combines the best aspects of Demilich, Grand Belial's Key and even a little Argholsent to form their bulking brand of metal. The reason I think those bands are particularly apt as comparisons is because not only do they fit in terms of style and genre, but like those bands, Begrime Exemious is a unique, riff-first type of band. I am not sure about you, but when I think metal, my first thought is always the riffs - a surprisingly significant flaw of a lot of bands these days. But Begrime Exemious has riffs in abundance and a style that carefully balances subtle melody with hefty brutality and really sets them apart from a lot of other metal practitioners. " -

"Begrime Exemious combine thrashy d-beat drumming with death metal rhythm guitar and tons of heavy metal/hard rock solos -- sounds crazy, but it works! The non-stop avalanche of riffs give this record plenty of impact, and the varied lead work helps to make each song memorable. There are even some doomy breaks here and there; the slow parts lend this album an extra dose of evil atmosphere, a la mid-period Morbid Angel. The vocals are great as well: they're quite catchy, and delivered with tons of range, yet they absolutely drip with sickness!" -


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