Thursday, December 10, 2009

Graf Orlock/Greyskull - Split

2005, Dood Records

Graf Orlock:
1. Hauser (2:16)
2. Vilos Cohaagen (1:52)
3. GeorgeQuato (1:23)
4. Melina (2:00)
5. Bob McClane (1:51)
6. Richter (2:17)
7. Dr. Edgemar (2:09)

8. Vegan Death Squad (3:10)
9. When You Use The Word 'Gay' As A Pejorative You Sound Like A Big Fucking Idiot (2:01)
10. Wizbo (0:53)
11. The End Result Of Four Years Temp. Labor (2:46)
12. Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Vs. Rambo (4:55)

In late 2003 Graf Orlock formed as an answer to monotony of “heart felt” lyrics and “sincere” prose. By pushing the envelope of the “cinema-grind” genre, Graf Orlock balance on the illusory edge of relevance and complete absurdity, longing for the heyday of late 80s and early 90s action movies, and the artistry of thematic creativity contained therein. Exploring issues as wide spread as terrorism, cybernetic revolution, inter-planetary colonialism, and psychotic delusion, Graf Orlock investigate the nether regions of the human condition. Through the medium of film, they articulate an increasingly radical view of the world around them, forming a brutal social commentary of the dwindling present, and a speculatively pessimistic outlook of the future ahead.

Greyskull are a metal-influenced hardcore band hailing from Tacoma, Washington, active between 2003 and 2007. The band was slated to release a full-length through Crimethinc, although they broke up before it was ever recorded. Members include former and current members of a number of other bands including Marrow, Graf Orlock, Owen Hart, divinity of truth, Houses and Elphaba.


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