Monday, November 30, 2009

Nuclearhammer - Obliteration Ritual

2009, Morbid Moon Records

1.Intro / Obliteration Ritual03:30
2.Impalement (Of The Wretched)04:34
4.Dementia (A Black Void) Part II03:46
5.Slave State03:46
6.The Ancient One03:28
7.Sacramental Pestilence02:49
8.I Am The Serpent Lord02:57
9.Prologue To Murder04:23
10.Whirlwinds Of Toxic Perdition01:45
11.Winters Profane Acrimony16:03

After a string of demos and other small releases, Ontario's Nuclearhammer finally unleashes their first full length of atomic goat black metal. Take the war qualities of Revenge and mix in the obscure madness of Lust, and that should give you a fairly decent idea of what Nuclearhammer has to offer. This is really fucking harsh, and will make any Canadian metal head proud to see yet another amazing band added to our country's already growing roster of worthwhile metal bands. Blast beats, delayed vocals, and brutal riffs - what else do you fucking want?


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