Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Antediluvian - Under Wing of Asael (Demo)

2008, Independent

2.Indomitable Time Eater05:49
3.Hemipenes Eversion04:11
4.Under Wing of Asael10:39

Starting off in a much more raw and black metal direction, Canada's Antediluvian has certainly shown much growth over a series of demos in the past couple years. The band's third demo, "Under Wing Of Asael", pushes the band into death metal territory, as well as some unexplored area as well.

A slight ambient build up leads into "Solarburst", and right away, the guitar tone will kill you. Think somewhere in between "Left Hand Path" and "Onward To Golgotha", and that will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect - low end and crunchy. The vocals are also very reminiscent of Incantation, specifically Craig Pillard's inhumanly low vocals. The song starts getting into some slower parts with some eerie sounding notes, and it becomes apparent that Antediluvian is more than just an average death metal band. This is truly creative music, without any limits, and thus the band can allow themselves to create some really fucking morbid metal.

The riffing here is pretty varied, with a variety of odd noises being produced within the riffs. There's some definite "fago" style here, but rather than repeating what all those other bands do, Antediluvian takes the fundamental rhythms from their influences, and phrases them with much more involved ideas. Again, Incantation influence is definitely present in these riffs, and even some newer influences like Portal bleed through. The drums play in similar fashion - lots of blast beasts, double bass, and quicker beats, but there's always little nuances and pummeling fills to break it up. The two members of this band obviously understand how to work with each other really well. About two minutes into "Indomitable Time Eater", they get fucking bizarre, and the drums play some really appropriate tom tom beats, before leading back into even more pummeling madness.

Out of the four songs here, all of them are keepers. Most will be pretty interested in the 10 plus minute title track, which takes the spotlight with some pretty absurd sounding riffs and arrangements. I would advise all extreme metal fans to obtain this demo (which, I may add, has a really bad ass layout), and keep an eye out for upcoming material, because this is only the beginning for Antediluvian.



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