Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Womb/Disciples of Mockery - Split

2001, Necroharmonic

1.Bound, Fucked, Humiliated05:39
Disciples of Mockery
6.Rotting Immaculate Like You05:53
7.Sustained In Desolation04:24
8.God Of Love06:42

Here's an interesting split. What we have here is two bands that feature 3 ex-Incantation members, being Ronnie Deo, Jim Roe and of course Craig Pillard. With that being said, one can almost know what to expect from this split release.

The album starts off with the Womb side. Womb was a project formed after these 3 members left Incantation, and continues in somewhat of the same fashion but with out the John McEntee riffs. What we do have here is really doom laden death metal that fans old and new can appreciate. The womb side is actually their one and only demo, and it's a shame they never released more material.

Womb is quite destructive but has a lot of open, evil sounding doom sections. Craig Pillards voice thunders overtop of the crushing music. The second track, "Thong" displays some of the best doom sections on the album, and really shows how well these guys can play together. Actually, some of these doom sections wouldn't feel out of place on a Methadrone album, a later doom project of Craig Pillard. The lyrics are destructive as they deal with degrading women, and the likes.

The next half of the split belongs to Disciples of Mockery, which features the same members except with an extra guitarist. The transition to this side is not very noticeable unless you play close attention, as both bands sound quite similar and have the same overall vision. DoM is however, leans towards the more violent side of things in terms of music, once again comparable to Incantation's violent parts, especially the second Incantation LP.

One thing I noticed from the DoM side is there are some pretty black metal sounding riffs, where a chord is played and a shifting melody is hidden within it. These three songs are from the first DoM promo, and are a bit more primitive than the DoM full length. However, although some people feel this side isn't near as good as the Dom LP, I feel they are still strong songs and flow very well with the split.

This split is highly recommended, especially to Incantation fans, fans of Craig Pillard, and fans of doom/death metal. There is some truly well done song writing here, and it's a shame both bands (especially Womb) didn't release more material.


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