Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Revenant - Prophecies of a Dying World

1991, Nuclear Blast

1.Prophecy of a Dying World06:14
3.Ancestral Shadows06:51
4.The Unearthly (A Quest)04:45
5.Asphyxiated Time07:55
6.Distant Eyes07:16

Hailing from New Jersey, Revenant started up in 86 and were quite active in the formative years of death metal. John McEntee and Paul Ledney met in this band and left it to form Incantation. This is pretty different from what both McEntee and Ledney did later, but rules just as much. The riffs are thrashy but have a nice sense of brutality in addition to being fluently phrased. The guitar tone is dry and odd, but damn, is this a good listen. The lyrics are easy to understand, which is great because much of it is based off of Lovecraft. Another lost gem of many in the death metal scene, be sure to check this.


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