Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dysplasia - Fuck

2011, Self Released

1. Accept/Resent (2:00)
2. Fucking Rules / F.O.A.D. (0:29)
3. Remember My Lai (2:06)
4. Life Is Precious... (And God, And The Bible) (2:07)
5. Under Control (1:58)
6. One Small Push (0:59)
7. The Human Race Disgusts Me (1:05)
8. Media Distortion (F.B.O.) (1:18)

First demo from this d-beat/grindcore band from Edmonton. Featuring members from such bands as Begrime Exemious, Cope, Falsehood, Cygnus, Mahria, Relentless Ben, etc, this demo will destroy you in a matter of 12 minutes. Recommended for fans of Nasum, Skitsystem, His Hero Is Gone, and Cursed.



  1. awesome blog too bad it hasnt been updated in awhile but was wondering if someone could send me a link to this record cant find it anywhere

    1. Considering how long ago this was posted, I don't know if there's any point in replying, but...
      This album can be found on Dysplasia's Bandcamp page, as well as their side of a split they did with Detroit.