Monday, January 10, 2011

Nokturnel - Nothing But Hatred (1993)

1993, JL America

1.Human Termite04:00
2.No 2nd Chance04:33
3.Sliding Down The Razor02:45
4.Global Suicide04:08
6.My Hell03:31
7.Final Punishment03:38
8.Target Planet02:22
9.Revenge of the Corpse02:16
10.Welcome to N.J.03:52

Nokturnel is an American death metal band from the early 90's that often gets over looked. Formed by Tom Stevens after his former band Savage Death (one of the earlier pioneers of death metal) bit the dust, Nokturnel blends high speeds with technical riffs to create some really fucking savage songwriting. It reminds me of the first Deceased album, as it's full of Voivod-esque riffs and ridiculously fast drumming. Check this out, any fan of early 90's death metal will dig this.


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